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Read Page 1 ... practices. I made a few mistakes purely due to nerves. Knew what to click in my head and made the incorrect selection. Just be calm. On the math portion I only got thru about 3 questions I believe and weren't overly complicated, no percentages like I heard was common. Knowledge: I was fortunate and didn't have much math or overly wordy problems. Math was basic equations and mostly obvious answers. Some questions were very similar to things I had studied but slight variation. HR: I had to wait till the end, went to the museum with others to calm the nerves. Started with App review and questions based off that. They commented at how nice my logbook was tabbed and organized (printed off logbook pro, logbook solutions bound, I put hours and hours into making it all uniform and detailed. not required but I'm glad I did). Each of them did a quick introduction of... Continue Reading this Interview Experience