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FREE Envoy Air pilot interview information and gouge

Read Page 1 ... experience in a sim with a G1000. Fly the profiles and do the callouts as described in the sim packet. The instructor will start off by giving you basic headings. The 2 approaches you will most likely be flying are the VOR 13R and ILS 36L. One approach with the use of a Flight Director and the other without. The instructor will give you holding instructions. He will pause the sim so you can draw it out. The gouge here does say that you should take your time. However, it does not mean that you should take no more than 30 seconds to figure it out. But please be patient and use those 30 seconds wisely. If you get the answer right, most likely you will not have to fly the hold, but perhaps you will, so be prepared for it. Do not use the rudders after take off, especially if the instructor turned on the yaw damper. Memorize the power settings that will enable you to attain certain airspeeds. It is all in the sim packet so it's fair game. Expected to be tested on everything on the sim packet including the emergency procedure. You will most likely not have to do with actual procedure, but you will have to read out the memory... Continue Reading this Interview Experience