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Gouge was spot on. I highly recommend reading all the interview experiences here and also thoroughly going through the study guide. Please give yourself at least 2-3 weeks to study. A huge part of the interview process is paperwork. I cannot emphasize the need to take your time and gather all the necessary paperwork. It is absolutely not impossible to do so, but it may take some time, so do not wait until the last minute. Try gathering the paperwork as soon as possible, then you can focus on studying. Organization is key. They will send you a "checklist" of how to prepare your paperwork, I suggest you follow the directions and be as organized as possible and there will be no need to worry.
There are 3 parts for the interview. The sim ride, HR, and technical. The sim is set up as a Baron with a G1000 suite. You will receive a sim packet with V-speeds to memorize, callouts, profiles etc. a week prior to the interview. Again study and you will be fine. If you have no experience flying a sim, I highly recommend getting some. Redbird sims are common in flight schools, so please do yourself a favor and get some... Continue Reading this Interview Experience