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Read Page 1 ... from point A to B. He asked questions about MEA and MOCA s, what departure I would chose and why. Had to read Metar and Notam and answer some questions about it. He also had some questions about some of the symbols on the low IFR enroute chart. Some were pretty basic, some were specific to that area, and a few I did not know... and that was ok (I know them now... I looked them up). I felt like that he was more interested in my decision making process than in the rote memorization of stuff. Yes, you will need to know instrument flying and everything that comes with it. Next was HR. Again, a very friendly lady asked me about my resume and previous work experiences and some of the volunteer work I did. I felt that HR was really looking to see what kind of person I was and if I would be a good fit for the team. Horizon seems to hire people who care about others more... Continue Reading this Interview Experience