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The interview was for WASINC,one of the companies supplying crews to Japan Airlines with a Honolulu base. I was called three weeks in advance and given a choice of days to interview. They paid for an airline ticket to Denver and also paid for the hotel and breakfast. The interview process was a three day deal: First day, fly in and check in to the hotel. The hotel front desk gave me a welcome package with a schedule tailored for me. It listed times of each event and who would be in my group. The groups were of four people each. We showed up at the appointed time and watched a promotional video on Jalways. Then on to testing. The first event was a couple hours later, it consisted of a paper "cultural adaptability" test, then an IQ test conducted on a computer, then the Psych test. The Psych test is 320+ questions and takes awhile. They have you take it again if you don't fit a certain proifile. After testing the chief pilot briefed us on the simulator profile and answered our questions regarding the company and line flying frankly. Done by 7:00pm.

The second day was the personal interview and simulator practice. We showed up at our appointed time and I spoke with a representative of Japan Airlines and the CEO of WASINC. No technical questions were asked. The Japanese didn't ask any questions, just sat and took notes. The other fellow asked some questions but spent over half the 30 minutes talking rather than asking questions. I got the distinct impression that they were trying to sell the job to me rather than test me in any way. Not much else to tell about the interview. Later that night we all got an hour in the right... Continue Reading this Interview Experience