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The Interview and the Logistics associated with it were First Class. Not to be repetitive but I will review the process from begining to end. I received an Email from John, the senior talent acquisition manager. I called him and set up an interview date. I received a confirmation email from him and then a follow up email with a request for PRIA . The day before my interview I received travel and lodging information. The flight , transportation to the hotel, hotel arrangements, and transportation to the Training Center were all flawless and did not require a second thought on my part. The professionals at the airport and hotel knew exactly what to do. I arrived the morning of the 17th for my interview on the 18th. On interview day the shuttle departed at 0730 and we arrived at the Training Center by 0745. Check in with reception and you get a visitor pass. There were 4 other candidates in the lobby with me. Suit or Sportscoat with tie was the dress of the day. John met us promptly at 8 . He will lock up your luggage and tell you... Continue Reading this Interview Experience