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The interview day was a very positive experience throughout, and I felt that the atmosphere was relaxed enough for them to really get to know the candidates. The previous gouge provided was spot-on, so I'll focus on my preparation and on the individual interview. I used an interview prep service. I felt this helped me to stay relaxed and helped avoid possible pitfalls. My attire was a fitted suit. I brought all of my logbooks... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 19, 2023 Hey guys here is my lowdown on the interview overall the experience was great. Alaska is a great choice and I hope to reapply when I get the chance. Initially once you get invited they send you an email. The good to know email which will include your travel information, places to park, hotel stay, and the location to go to for the interview. This email also includes what documents to bring and not to show up to the facility before 9AM. As soon as 9 AM struck an HR representative brought us... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Sep 12, 2023 Amazing experience with very friendly Alaska staff. As outlined in all other gouges they create a very welcoming and friendly environment. I met them at the Job Fair first, then heard back with the interview date within days. Arrived the hotel paid by Alaska the day before. Everybody turned up around 9am and we were then greeted by the entire interviewing staff. Initial presentation and Q&A panel. Split into two separate groups, then quick introduction, fun fact about your career, then... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Sep 12, 2023 Day of they want you at the location for the interview between 9-9:15. I left at 9am cause I didn’t wanna be too early and walked to their gorgeous new building “the hub” and when I went to check in they said I was in the wrong spot. It was actually being held in their flight training building across the street. Me and another guy hustled there and luckily no one really noticed we had went to the wrong spot. Then it was presentation time and meet the interviewers.... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Sep 08, 2023 Previous interview reviews are accurate. Alaska interview is very relaxed. 0915 arrival at Alaska training building in Seattle. Introductions from about 10 pilots & HR reps before a short 30-45 min presentation on Alaska Airlines history, culture, benefits, followed by brief Q&A. Candidates then break out into the "group interview" portion. There were 6 other candidates in my group. We each pick a card, face down, and when called, read your question aloud. All were... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 08, 2023 The interview process was as previously described in these sessions. We arrived at the building at 9 AM. They gave us a brief overview of Alaska Airlines. Following that they had a six person group interview, where we were all handed a slip of paper face down. We all answered our given questions. Followed by lunch. After lunch, we were escorted to another building where the interviews took place. They took two people up to individual interviews . My interview was mostly HR-based. They did... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Sep 06, 2023 The day went as expected and there weren't any huge surprises. The group interview was shorter than expected; everyone introduces themselves and then everyone gets one TMAAT/describe a situation question. After lunch, we were called back, four at a time, for individual interviews. The individual interviewers were one pilot and one person from the talent acquisition team. There were no curveball questions and it lasted 30-40 minutes. I think what I did well was to sound likable,... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jul 25, 2023 Not much to add that everyone else hasn’t already answered or written up. The day of started with a presentation, then the group interview, lunch, and lastly the individual interview. The questions they asked in both the group and individual interviews were identical to what the study guide has listed. No technical questions were asked though. Just HR questions and one scenario. My scenario was about a distressed captain making mistakes on the arrival and then later also the approach.... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jul 20, 2023 Study the questions on here, the big 3 they seemed to focus on was: 1) what is diversity? 2) why Alaska? 3) TMAAT you dealt with a policy or procedure you didn't agree with. One question also seemed to stand out: they asked what is the biggest challenge facing the airline industry safety right now. It seemed clear that the answer they really wanted to hear was the recent lack of inexperience due to pilot shortage. Great vibe all day! Seems like a strong airline with strong financials &... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jul 20, 2023 Interview went exactly how the gouges on here described. Everyone was really welcoming and they want to hire you if you’re there. Day started with company presentation followed by group interview. After that was lunch followed by our individual panel interview. The big question to answer in the panel interview is why Alaska. They seem to be very good about sensing if this is really where you want to spend your career. They also ask you if and what other airlines you’ve applied... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jul 14, 2023 Very much of the same as what is on here already.... Left to mingle amongst ourselves until 9:30 where we were taken upstairs and given an hour intro to Who/What Alaska is. We were split into two different groups where we did took turns turning over our TMAAT paper slips in front of 2 chiefs and 2 hr employees. Only TMAAT question that I hadn't seen on here was "Tell us about a time you had to explain a delay or other operational inconvenience". After we broke for lunch break, then... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. John L

    (Hired at Alaska Airlines)

    Good descriptions of interview processes and accurate questions.

    Mar 28, 2023  

    Jared R

    (Hired at Alaska Airlines)

    I was able to study for multiple interviews at once with the most up to date gouge.

    Mar 08, 2023