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The interview day was a very positive experience throughout, and I felt that the atmosphere was relaxed enough for them to really get to know the candidates. The previous gouge provided was spot-on, so I'll focus on my preparation and on the individual interview. I used an interview prep service. I felt this helped me to stay relaxed and helped avoid possible pitfalls. My attire was a fitted suit. I brought all of my logbooks... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jun 08, 2022 Arrive 9 am at the HUB waiting in lobby try to be social with the other applicants and be happy to be there -Brought into room where they give a presentation on projected growth, company goals etc GROUP INTERVIEW -broke into group interviews with short intros  TMMAT question Face down on a flash card.   Broke off to lunch where the chiefs come in and mingle with you and answer questions INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW  Why Alaska (they want to more than west coast bases,... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jun 08, 2022 It was a great experience. The PDX base CP came down to meet us in the lobby unofficially and joked around to try and settle our nerves. He said that there is a position for everyone there today and encouraged us to just be ourselves. A few minutes later HR took us up to the room for the opening presentation about the company. They gave us hints about some of the questions, specifically saying that the DEI question will be asked, so that we can be prepared for it and not stumble over it and... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 03, 2022 If you read the interview prep experiences its spot on. I was only asked about 3 of the questions that were from the HR question bank. In total they asked about 15 questions (mostly HR TMAAT or WWYD) and gave me a scenario at the end. This scenario was exactly the same from the scenario section. It was about an ill passenger and a anti skid caution message during flight. Overall a good experience and the one on one interview was definitely the hardest. Be yourself and always end the question... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 03, 2022 Literally followed the guidelines everyone else has explained! From the beginning of the company presentation trying to get you relaxed. To the group interview and waiting to look at your question until called upon. Break for lunch and wait to get called in for interview, interact and communicate with people both employees and fellow interviewers! Was pretty easy to tell which applicants had the job and which applicants were going to let it slip out of their hands due to their social... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. May 09, 2022 Interview was as advertised. Met up with the other candidates (16) at the HUB. Five current SkyWest Captains plus one former. I believe that only one of 16 was not hired. They need pilots and if you are there, the job is yours to lose. Began with brief presentation about the company, then split into two groups of 8. Began with introductions, who you are and your current job. Then we were each given a slip of paper with a question on it. Keep it face down until it is your turn. Went around... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. May 06, 2022 Exactly as others have stated here before. Great experience! Stayed at the hotel with the other candidates. 9 of us simply walked up the street to the Alaska Hub building the morning of the interview. Met in the lobby and all 13 of us then went upstairs. There were 9 of us from a large regional, one corporate, and 3 military. We all attended the group presentation given mainly by the then current SEA chief pilot. We then broke into the 2 separate groups and did the TMAAT style question plus... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. May 02, 2022 As others have said first there is a presentation, then split up into two groups and do round-robin questions (tma yourself, TMATs, 3 skills/attributes of a good CA, what’s an accomplishment in the last year, etc). Then lunch with the pilots doing the interview. They were very friendly and genuinely interested in us as people. After that was the solo interviews. A few more HR type questions, asked to define diversity, a WWYD scenario, and do you have any incidents/accidents. After that... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Apr 29, 2022 As all experiences have noted, they do their best to make sure that you are relaxed. Check-in at 0830. Presentation is 9am with a few Q&A opportunities. Then a small break while they prepare for the group interviews. You will get a strip facedown, and do not look at it until youre the next one up. There's no perefect way to prepare for this, just be authentic and honest. Once that is complete, break out for lunch and the chiefs will be in there, so be sure to socialize and ask questions.... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Apr 28, 2022 Exactly like the gouge. Be calm, be interactive, put your phone away, and be yourself! Overall a great experience. The day starts with a presentation on getting to know Alaska, then the group breaks up and goes into the group interviews. After that is lunch. Be interactive with everybody and ask the chief pilots questions! Then comes the one on one interview with an HR person and a pilot. Very straightforward! Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Apr 22, 2022 This was the best interview experience I’ve ever had. The experience was just like what others had stated. We checked in at the “Hub” around 9am. Then we went into a room where all the Chief Pilots and HR showed us a video presentation on Alaska airlines history. Then we sat through a presentation about Alaska Airlines future growth and what they expect to be an amazing future. I honestly felt a lot better about Alaska after the presentation. Then we had a group interview... Continue reading this interview experience

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    May 08, 2022