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  • Read Page 1 ... CRM. There were slightly different variations of the test, so if you plan to try that make sure you're careful. I was second to last to be brought into the HR and approach plate in-person section, and it was a lot shorter than I expected. Perhaps that was because it had already been a long day for the interviewers. HR questions were very standard.  HR representative then left and I was with a base chief pilot who showed me an approach plate (KHLN ILS Z 27), and a sheet about the aircraft (cruise altitude, speed, etc), and a METAR/TAF for the arrival. He explained there would be no tricks and then left the room for about three minutes to let me prepare. When he returned I was very surprised I was not asked to actually brief the approach, he simply asked me basic questions about how I would transition from cruise onto the approach. How far out would you descend? Use the rule of 3 and then the given groundspeed. He likes if you can avoid using a calculator, and it's pretty simple math so you should be able to do that. How would you...

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    Jul 09, 2024
    Just completed my first in person airline interview with Horizon Air. I didn’t get the job. Interview seemed to go fine, but clearly I need to adjust my interview prep/style. 1. Submitted my application early this year. About a week later, received an email, to set up a phone screening (no webcam). During the phone call I was asked “why Horizon” and then questions about my hours. At the time I only have about 350 PIC hours in MEL aircraft and they wanted me to have 500,...

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    Jul 09, 2024
    The day started with a short presentation about the company with the other people interviewing that day. We then went in for separate interviews, one by one. There were four people interviewing each candidate. Two chief pilots, a hiring representative and an intern. The questions were the exact questions from this website. The main topics asked were about Horizon Air, why Horizon?, tough decision making in your flying career, stressful situations, customer service, problem solving, and...

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    Jul 09, 2024
    Interview process went well. Around 9am two HR people brought us up to a conference room while one of them gave a presentation on the company/benefits and others reviewed our logbooks. There was 4 of us interviewing that day and we sat in the lunch room while they took us back one by one to be interviewed. The interview process for experienced first officers took about half an hour as they asked us about our resume and gave us HR/TMAAT questions. It was 4 people total interviewing us. All...

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    Jun 20, 2024
    All questions were ones covered by AviationInterviews. No technical questions in the Experienced First Officer interview, only “tell me a time”. They asked about times I disagreed with policy. Also about a time I disagreed with a crew member. I was asked why Horizon. There seems to always be a question about...

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    Jun 11, 2024
    The interview was similar to the others described here. I arrived at 845am to check in and waited in the lobby with the other 3 applicants. At 9am HR gave us a short briefing on the company and benefits while the Chief Pilots were looking over our logbooks in another room. They had us all hang out in the lounge area and coffee was available. Individual interviews were next, lasting about 30 minutes and consisting basic HR questions and multiple TMAAT questions. They left me in the room...

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    May 30, 2024
    Showed up at 845 and at 9 was escorted upstairs with two other candidates. Sat through a short presentation on Horizon and some benefits. Afterwards went through logbook and confirmed times. Interview went great. Mostly TMAAT questions as advertised by AviationInterviews. Some HR questions like how do you discuss topics like race, gender etc. My answer to that may not have been great there but my answers and conversations about everything else I felt was good. After the interview they said...

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    May 02, 2024
    Started promptly at 9am. Grabbed a coffee in their lobby while I waited. Commuted in that morning on the first flight from PDX, glad I didn’t take the 730 which was maintenance delayed and one of the panel members was onboard from Portland. They brought us back one by one, there were 4 applicants present. First part after sitting in conference room they quickly reviewed my documents and logbook. The interview was held by the chief pilot, a base pilot and HR rep: they asked all HR based...

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    May 02, 2024
    AviationInterviews definitely got the job done. All areas of the interview were well covered by the material herein. Thanks for the service. I was asked TMAAT questions as well as a few HR questions. No surprises thanks to AviationInterviews. Interview started after being checked in and ushered to a waiting area, took a little while before it got started. The interview invite includes input for what you'd like for lunch, if possible order a full sandwich as I only ordered a half and it was...

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    May 02, 2024
    This study guide covered just about everything that was asked. Approximate interview length 30 minutes, all TMAAT.  They kept me in the conference room and came back with a decision before starting the next interview. I had to wait almost twenty minutes but I believe that was mostly because they were waiting for another one of the Chief Pilots from Portland to arrive and congratulate me, and he was delayed arriving that morning. One of my coworkers at my current airline said that he got...

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    Apr 30, 2024
    I was interviewed for the Experienced First Officer position with Horizon Air. Showed up at the Alaska Airlines Hub building, waited in the lobby with the other applicants (5 in my group). We were escorted upstairs to a conference room where we turned in all logbooks and received an initial brief on the company. We left the room and were situated in a large break/lounge area where we waited to be called in individually. The interview panel consisted of two pilots and the one HR rep who...

  11. I found the information to be useful and organized. The material was right on the mark for my interview and I got the job. I highly recommend that you use AviationInterviews to prepare for your interview.

    Andrew B May 07, 2024

    Hired at Horizon Air
    Helped me prepare for interview to get an offer.

    Grant H May 04, 2024

    Hired at Horizon Air