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Read Page 1 ... time - to a small room across the hall. -- I should mention that I have shy bladder -- so sometimes, especially when I am under stress I can not perform for an audience. I mention this only so if there are any of you who have a similar problem, you don't worry. Joe was really laid back. You fill out some paperwork and he sends you into a private bathroom with a fan. You are not rushed or anything, nobody banging on the door asking if you are ok. No pressure. After you deliver the sample you sign the paperwork and are brought back to the small waiting room.
When everyone was done we were brought down to the 2nd floor to a "safe room" where we provided our logbooks, licenses, medical, recommendation letters, etc. Then you could sit down and chat with several of the on site chief pilots. There were snacks (blue chips) and bottled water in the room. The chiefs were really easy to talk to and VERY funny. They promised that nobody was taking notes and you could ask whatever you want. There were some very good questions (and a few soft balls!)
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