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Read Page 1 ... for Jepp and jet procedures, so a lot of questions were directed towards my more experienced partner, but participation was well distributed and it wasn't particularly difficult. Next was going over my resume and experience with the chief pilot, but most of that part was him answering my questions, very upfront and honest about what to expect. Last was basic required questions (can you work outside, can you lift or push 75 pounds, can you pass a drug test etc) and a few... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. First, these guys were terrific. Great culture, very relaxed and easy going. Really makes you want to be here!!! The HR interview was fairly standard.  It was VERY low stress and conversational. They want to get to know you. (view the study guide of this website).  The technical interview was VERY straight forward. Be sure to know how to read SIDS and STARS and if you are coming from a GA background, make sure that you have someone go over them with you BEFORE you show up.... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Overall a very relaxed and comfortable interview. First was the phone interview that gives you the opportunity to learn about the company and ask any questions you have. (Tip, always ask questions) After that I was set up for the actual interview. I was flown in and out in a doubletree for a night. I was flown in the night before and my interview was the following morning at 8am. The first part was all information about the company, benefits and meeting the interview panel. This is a... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Three parts...HR, meet with CP, and Technical. Technical was IFR flight SNA to MMH and back. Brief and questions asked about AP diagram, SID, STAR, Approach etc.. No trick questions or gotchas. All very nice people. They just want to be sure your logbook time equates to your experience. Having the right attitude and personality to fit into this startup airline seems to carry most... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. This was specifically for JSX. Other gouges were pretty spot on. They provided a hotel room, offered transportation but wasn't needed in my case. There were 5 interviewees including myself, started with a presentation and overview of the company, benefits, compensation, upgrade times, etc. Next was the technical interview, paired with another applicant to go over a taxi, SID, STAR, and approach for KSNA to KMMH using Jepp plates. I have no experience outside of studying for Jepp and jet... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. The interview is just as described by everyone else on here, very laid back and easy going. First, you start with a presentation on the company, it's culture, and some benefits. The technical is pretty laid back and fitted to your experience level. The technical involved a scenario flight from SNA to MMH where we talked through the HERO3 sid then the talked through the approach at MMH. At MMH going missed and diverting to Bishop for alternate, talking through the RNAV approaches there.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Note: This is PRE-COVID information from February 2020, and I was hired into the last class to complete training before COVID cancellations. Pre-1st Segment: Phone screening, asked several questions, (view the study guide of this website).  1st Segment: 90 minute presentation on company current standing and future bases/goals. One person does the presentation while 2-3 others review your resume and logbooks. 2nd Segment: HR Interview (a few short questions).  3rd Segment:... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Pretty much as described by others as far as format goes. They flew me in on Southwest from Phoenix Arizona to Dallas Love Field. We stayed overnight in the Doubletree By Hilton. 8 am the next day began with about an hour briefing about the company while another individual took our log books and went through them. When the briefing was over our log books were handed back and they divided our group into one of three stages in the interview. Then scenario, (view the sim/scenario section of... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Company provided round-trip air travel Phoenix- Dallas Love on Southwest Airlines the day prior. Also provided lodging at DoubleTree hotel at Dallas Love field which has complimentary shuttle service from/to airport. Accommodations were nice; clean, comfortable and everything worked. Hotel staff were excellent. Restaurant in the hotel was good. Interview began at 0800 in the First Class Boardroom, a glass enclosed, small conference room with seating for approximately 15 persons. 6 pilot... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Excellent interview process - very relaxed. All the technical is new.  Have a working understanding of Jepp plates and basic instrument stuff. The technical will be tailored to your... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Wonderful experience with a great group of people. Just be yourself, and brush up on your instrument procedures, SID, STAR, CRM, jepp charts and symbology. Do not be afraid to ask questions during all phases of the interview, they seem to want you to succeed as opposed to pushing you to make a mistake. Work as a crew for the technical portion, you might be paired up with someone with very different experience levels, treat them like crew, not just another applicant. The Mixer is very... Continue reading this interview experience

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