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This was specifically for JSX. Other gouges were pretty spot on. They provided a hotel room, offered transportation but wasn't needed in my case. There were 5 interviewees including myself, started with a presentation and overview of the company, benefits, compensation, upgrade times, etc. Next was the technical interview, paired with another applicant to go over a taxi, SID, STAR, and approach for KSNA to KMMH using Jepp plates. I have no experience outside of studying... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jun 08, 2022 Reading all experiences on here was tremendously helpful. My interview was fun, informative, and I walked away even more excited to work for the company. I started with a phone screening two months ago and didn't hear back until last month for my in-person. Flew out to Dallas the night before for my morning interview slot. Interview starts with everyone sitting in a room and going over a presentation with Recruiter, Chief Pilot, and other Line Pilots/Corporate Soul (HR) Staff. Refreshments... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jun 07, 2022 Very friendly interviewers. You start out with a presentation of the company and go over the benefits and culture. The Chief pilot, 2 line pilots, HR, flights ops and scheduler are all there. They gather up your documents they asked you to bring and review them during your presentation. They call you back one by one for the HR part which is the tell me about a time and a little about yourself. They also ask if you have anything in your background and why you want to work for JSX. Then... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 07, 2022 I applied online and the next day received an email for a phone interview. First interview was a google meet with talent acquisition that was casual, basic HR questions, tell me about yourself, how you got into flying etc. nothing technical just getting to know you and he shared info on the company. I then got invited to the in person 2nd part of the interview in which they fly you out to Dallas for the interview and company mixer. Just like others said it was a great experience. Everyone is... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 07, 2022 The technical interview was a great experience with JSX. It wasn't your typical "can you read a jeppesen approach plate" type interview. More so on "what would you do" type questions.  For the most part, they want to see if you can think outside the box. Oh, make sure you understand the airport lights, rwy, taxi,... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Jun 07, 2022 Excellent process. JSX seems like a caring, considerate company. Morning interview with videos,and question and answer session. Hr, chief pilot, and technical interview. All wonderful people who try to put you at ease. Chief pilot interview a nice conversation about background. Hr interview is tell me about a time, as previously described by other candidates. Technical questions regarding take off minimums.  Can you take off from Orlando to Miami with the weather they provide.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. May 03, 2022 Interviewing pilots at all experience levels - retired 121 to flight instructors with less than 100 hrs multi time. They perform a video interview to review basics then invite applicant to interview session in Dallas  (Hotel, Love Field). Did not ask specifically but, they appear to hold these interviews a couple of times per month over three-day period (Tues-Thurs). They will pay for airline ticket into DAL and hotel for overnight if needed. My time from initial application to Dallas... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. May 03, 2022 Interview was very relaxed and straight forward. Had a company introduction, three interviews, HR interview, Chief Pilot Interview, and a technical interview w a pilot. Technical Interview involved briefing Jeppesen plates, a STAR, DP, APPR, and a taxi using metar/weather information given. Was a great experience and company. Best interview I’ve ever... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. May 03, 2022 All previous posts are spot on. Telephone interview was very relaxed with few questions about my resume and why JSX. I was invited to the interview in Dallas. JSX organized flight and hotel. Interview at the Hotel DAL. Brief overview of the company and floor open for questions. We were then called in for three different interviews. First technical, paired with fellow pilot, questions about lights, lower than standard take off minimums, brief a departure and arrival (MIA-MCO) using... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Apr 21, 2022 Very informal get to know you and the company. You could tell the interviewer is pretty passionate about the company. I had a few questions, I am also already typed in their platform so I had a couple of questions about training, when, where, etc. There is a follow up trip to DFW to meet with HR/Line Pilots followed by a mixer. Overall very relaxed, definitely felt good about the... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Mar 30, 2022 The previous posts are an exact replica of how my interview went. HR gave an introduction of the company, a check airman talked about a day in the life, and then we were taken with another interviewee for a technical portion. We talked about a flight from start to end. Take off mins, what altitude to worry about busting for departure and same for arrival. The HR portion was relaxed and felt more conversational and so was the Cheif pilot conversation. The mixer was a perfect place to meet... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Awesome prep for my interview. All possible questions are listed here. Highly recommended to be used by anyone prepping for upcoming interview. Thanks a lot.

    Mar 20, 2022