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  • Great group of people and a growing company with a bright future. Pay for your own flight there but they get your hotel, pick you up for the interview, and provide coffee, snacks, and lunch. Picked up in 2 SUVs and drove 30 minutes to headquarters. Very friendly and engaging and made the drive go quickly. Once there we met with an assistant chief pilot and HR and they told us to get comfortable. Totally cool with taking jacket and ties off....

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    May 31, 2024
    Interview was almost verbatim to what is listed on this website. The HR portion consisted of "tell me about yourself", disagreement with a CAPT and what did you do, TMAAT concerning an inflight maintenance issue, what do you bring to Omni. The technical question consisted of "walk me through a scenario when you are on the ground and you might have to deice." The final question was about my background and having been out of flying big airplanes for awhile. I just walked...

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    May 10, 2024
    Very much the same as what is on here. They do ask a couple of icing questions. Some easy TMAAT questions and just wanting to get a feel for you as a person. I felt awkward sitting in my living room with a suit on but figured it was the right thing to do even though it was virtual. One thing I would do is make sure your passport is up to date. They had me show them my passport and I got the next available class due to mine having more than a year left on it. They offered me the 777 or...

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    Apr 22, 2024
    Interview was online and was a zoom meeting with HR and a chief pilot. It was recorded so another pilot could review it. Lasted about 45 mins total. Asked me to tell them about myself and experience. Asked about icing and snow on the ground.  (view the study guide of this website).  When I did the interview my internet was cutting in and out and I had a hard time hearing them and had to ask to repeat a lot. In hind sight I wish I would’ve spoke up and asked if we could make...

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    Feb 16, 2024
    It is a Teams meeting and they record it so they can review it. There was 2 women from HR and the chief pilot. They asked basic HR questions.  There were no technical questions asked, (view the study guide of this website).  They explained benefits, the schedule, and talked about growth for the up coming year. They asked me if I had any questions. I ask how stable they were during COVID. They asked a few other questions.  Then a TMAAT.  They give you a scenario about...

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    Feb 09, 2024
    It was very laid back and conversational. The questions in the study guide of this website are exactly the questions asked. It was a three person interview panel. The panel consisted of the chief pilot, a line pilot and someone from the human resources department. The line pilot asked the technical questions though he was audible, both the chief pilot and HR personnel were on teams video. The interview lasted about 30...

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    Feb 08, 2024
    Very relaxed. I was asked HR type questions, (view the study guide of this website). Lasted 30 minutes. Got the call the next day. Be yourself and you will get it! Great company to work for and I'm very excited to fly the...

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    Dec 19, 2023
    Interview was conducted on MS Teams with an HR rep and the Chief Pilot. Both were straight foward and very friendly. After introductions, HR went first. They asked standard HR questions, including why Omni, then a few TMAAT and WWYD questions. They asked me what I would do as an FO if we were getting the plane ready for a takeoff into icing conditions. The Chief Pilot then asked me to talk about a time I had a malfunction and how I used CRM to resolve the problem. After that they asked me to...

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    Nov 06, 2023
    Interview was simple and easy. The chief pilot and head HR person were in the zoom meeting. Just a regular conversation of what has happened in my aviation career. A few general Human Resource questions on what I would do in certain situations or what I have done. Some FAR questions and weather...

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    Oct 20, 2023
    It was pretty much everything explained in the previous gouges. Interview was taken by both the Chief pilot and HR personnel. They are both seem down to the earth and very professional. Started with HR all basic questions, they want to know you more, (view the study guide of this website).  Then chief pilot asked questions.  Pretty much all questions were asked by the HR, chief pilot was quiet and asked only 2 questions. Then they give you chance to ask if you have any questions....

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    Oct 07, 2023
    Overall, interviewing with Omni was a Positive experience. They put you at ease for interview which last about 45 Minutes. My first round and technical interviews were rolled into one essentially. Emphasis on personality since most applicants will be at the same level of experience. Technical experience was about icing and treatment on the ground. I met with the chief pilot and HR at a...

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