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Great group of people and a growing company with a bright future. Pay for your own flight there but they get your hotel, pick you up for the interview, and provide coffee, snacks, and lunch. Picked up in 2 SUVs and drove 30 minutes to headquarters. Very friendly and engaging and made the drive go quickly. Once there we met with an assistant chief pilot and HR and they told us to get comfortable. Totally cool with taking jacket and ties off.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jun 27, 2022 Good group of people. It was a virtual interview. Chief, assistant chief and hr personal. Started with previous flight history, followed with TMAT question along with others on the gouge. It’s lasted just under 30 min. Previous interview reports are accurate. Just study the gouges and you will be A... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jun 02, 2022 My interview was virtual. Much like other people have stated on their experiences with many of the same questions. Laid back with HR and Chief Pilot. Interview lasted approximately 30 min and I was offered a training start date by the end of the interview. I did have some internal recommendations so your mileage may vary. Best of... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. May 31, 2022 The folks at Omni are easy going and create a very relaxed atmosphere to interview in. Be yourself, the fact that you are interviewing means they want to hire you They made me an offer by the end of the day The Simulator portion of the interview has been... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. May 24, 2022 I was supposed to attend an in person interview. They informed me that from now on the interviews will be done virtually.I got to choose the date I wanted to do it. It last approximately around 30 minutes. The environment was friendly just as mentioned by others. A few hr questions with hr representative and chief pilot. Was offered a class shortly after the interview. No sim evaluation. Read the gauge and you will have no... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Apr 11, 2022 Very low threat interview. Face to face with a HR rep and the Chief Pilot. The face to face was less than 30 minutes. HR type questions.  Logbook and document review. Then Sim, (view the Sim/Scenario section in the study guide of this website).   After that you'll fill out some paperwork and do a drug test. All 9 in my interview group received the CJO. 1 got the 777 and the rest 767. Was notified within 48 hours of my class date and... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Apr 11, 2022 Very low-threat interview process. HR portion was with an HR representative and the Chief Pilot. Candidates were given option to do either first, in no particular order. HR portion was quick, with very straightforward questions. Simulator evaluation consisted of basic maneuvers that a current and proficient multi-engine IFR pilot should be able to accomplish comfortably. Lunch was catered for all the candidates. If you made it through both sessions and continued with administrative tasks... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Mar 22, 2022 Interview was very relaxed with Dir or Training and HR. Had a binder with all my flying information, training certificates, resume, etc., which they looked at for a few minutes. The questions were fairly standard...why Omni, are you okay with 17 days away from home, ever have to handle conflict in the jet, etc., and plenty of time to ask questions about the company, training, pay, etc. Waited a few minutes for the sim portion which was also very straight forward.  There were 7 pilots... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Mar 21, 2022 Great company. Very relaxing interview with no surprises. Felt like a lot of great people and a great company to work for. Same as described by everyone else. HR Interview with 2 people....CP and HR. Then a sim flight exactly as others described. Great experience all around. 5 out of 8 received offers. 2 busted the sim and 1 busted the... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Feb 21, 2022 Very straightforward interview process as others have spelled out here previously. Showed up the day before, OAI already had a room reserved in my name, ride to their facility the next morning. Interview with Chief Pilot and HR was quick and direct. No technical questions, just the typical how did you hear about OAI, conflict in the cockpit, how will you handle going back to the right seat, etc. Followed up with a quick sim flight. Some flew the B777, some flew the B767, don't think it... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Feb 21, 2022 Very relaxed atmosphere, everyone was helpful and friendly. Company presentation, then one on one questions. Tell me about yourself, why Omni, etc. Then went to the Sim,(view the Sim/Scenario section in the study guide of this website).   After Sim drug test and... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: Randall V
    (Hired at Omni Air International)

    Spot on, pilots helping pilots.

    Nov 12, 2021