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I submitted my application for Republic Airways and heard back from a recruiter the following day. We had a 15 minutes phone screen conversation a few days later and I was invited for an interview in Indianapolis. They booked my flights to and from the interview and put me up at the Springhill Suites near the training center. All travel and accommodation was paid for by Republic. On the interview day I arrived at 08:15am and met all the other applicants interviewing that day. At 08:30am we had a company presentation by HR and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 23, 2021 - METARs and TAFs. Know the codes, 1,2,3 rule, weather minimums for instrument approaches, and that TEMPO conditions are governing. - Induces and parasite drag. - Speed limits above and below 10,000 msl, and underneath Class B. - Brief a Jeppessen chart, highest obstacle in the plan view, RVR values and notes. - Actions is the weather goes below minimums before and after the... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 18, 2021 Cadet Interview, basic HR questions, straight forward instrument questions, a couple scenarios about encountering wx while on approach, brief jep plate. 30 minutes... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 17, 2021 My experience was much like everyone else's. Everyone was very laid back and down to earth. Be yourself and study the gouge and you will be well prepared. I was asked a lot of scenario based questions. Ask all of your questions during the presentation. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Nov 16, 2021 The interview was exactly as others have described it. 3 pilots and 3 HR personnel gave us a small presentation on the company and training schedule and answered any questions we had. They called us in for individual interviews. The interviews only took about 10 minutes. Then questions asked, (view the study guide of this website). ... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Nov 15, 2021 Very good experience. Could not believe how many new hires were there. Place was jam packed. Like others, we saw a company presentation and then the interviews started. They had 3 separate interviewers going at a time. While the pilot reviewed logbooks Hr started. Very straight forward. Tech portion started with a metar and taf. Do we need an alternate? Jepp plate. Not brief it. Just some basic questions about it. Followed by rapid fire tech questions. Nothing hard at all. They said... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Nov 12, 2021 Very friendly welcome! Gave us a tour of the facility, followed by presentation made by HR, and a moment to ask pilots any questions we may have about the company. One by one were called to be interviewed by the pilots. Interview commenced with HR questions and then followed by the pilot asking you technical questions. Very straight forward IFR questions that are found on here in the technical question section. Heard back from them in less than a week. Study the gauge and you should do... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Nov 11, 2021 Wonderful experience as stated by most others. Morning was a quick presentation on the company and a discussion with three Republic captains. All provided great insight and made the interviewees feel at ease. The interview was conducted by one captain and one individual from HR. A few tell me about yourself questions from HR, including talking about people you generally wouldn't want to fly with and the flight were you were most nervous. The technical portion consisted of a few questions... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Nov 11, 2021 Interview was very laid back. They will fly you to Indianapolis and put you up in a hotel near the airport (Holiday Inn). Day of interview the hotel shuttle brings you to the training center. We were very early (arrived 7:45 AM) and our tour did not begin until 8:15-8:20 or so. Quick walk through of the training HQ and then a presentation from HR on the company. That lasted around 30-40 mins and then it was all Q+A with 3 Captains. All very friendly and would answer any questions you had.... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Nov 11, 2021 Interviewed for the cadet position. HR portion followed by some technical questions that lasted about 40 minutes total. Asked TMAAT questions.  Ready ORD ILS Jeppesen plate and then had rapid fire questions- what's a microburst, virga, stall, color of threshold lights, alternating red/white CL lights, PT max speed, etc. Overall it was pretty straight forward- just use the study guide on here and you'll be over prepared for the cadet interview. Very relaxed and they were open to... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Nov 05, 2021 Received a phone screen interview a week after submitting application online. Was invited to an interview in IND for the following week. They setup all the travel arrangements for you. They give you a quick tour of their training facility. Tons of classes going on there between FOs and FAs. The interview itself was very laid back with no trick questions, just basic IFR stuff. Had mine with an FO and one HR. (view the study guide of this website).  Went through my logbook and asked questions... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: Mark O
    (Hired at Republic Airline)

    Definitely built my confidence up and felt I was well prepared going into the interview. Seeing all of the answers others had given for somewhat obscure questions. Helped me formulate my own answers when seeing other's TMAT experiences.

    Nov 18, 2021