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I submitted my application for Republic Airways and heard back from a recruiter the following day. We had a 15 minutes phone screen conversation a few days later and I was invited for an interview in Indianapolis. They booked my flights to and from the interview and put me up at the Springhill Suites near the training center. All travel and accommodation was paid for by Republic. On the interview day I arrived at 08:15am and met all the other applicants interviewing that day. At 08:30am we had a company presentation by HR and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 17, 2022 Its very straight forward. Got to the training center, had a little tour, was shown a presentation and then had a chance to ask questions to pilots. The interview was short and sweet and all questions are right from the gouge, and common sense. They are super friendly and understand... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 16, 2022 Had a virtual interview with a captain and HR person. Looking to get into training dept. Only 3-4 easy HR questions. The tech part was a little over kill but was fine. Asked to read a TAF and determine if an alternate was needed. Asked a memory item from current jet. Asked me what VMCG was. Holding speeds about 16000ft. What considerations I’d make as captain if I had an emergency. Wasn't bad… about an hour. Virtual interviewing is not preferred. Hard to make a good... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Oct 28, 2022 Was truly an enjoyable interview experience. I was hired on the spot. Talking with the other applicants they were really tripped up on reading the TAF. We were required to read to task from the hurricane that was going on at the time. The main question regarding the traffic was stupid needed alternate (123) Although yes there was a hurricane going on legally we did not need one. It wouldn’t hurt to know RVSM altitude and equipment requirements, a gentlemen was asked that. Jeppesen... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Oct 22, 2022 The HR portion was pretty standard "tell me about yourself/flying experience.  The technical portion was reading a Jepp plate for KIND, "what runway would you choose," "brief this approach," "we are outside the FAF and RVR is (blank), can we land," "what airspace are we in at 18,000'," "what do we do when we get there," "what is that altitude referred to as in the US." The hardest part was the METAR that was pulled out... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Oct 17, 2022 Super basic instrument questions. Dont overthink it. Hardest question was what is the top alt of... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 14, 2022 Expect a phone interview first to walk through your logbook and your experiences. They asked when the last time I flew was, how many hours I have in specific categories, and what my goals were. Then I received some emails on travel confirmations and the hotel. They also sent me an email on a training opportunity in their simulators. It never happened though, likely due to time/availability of instructors. They flew me down to IND the day before the interview through DEN. The morning of the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 06, 2022 Flown in night prior, stayed at a hotel. Ate dinner and breakfast there, recommend skipping the steak and eggs for breakfast. Shuttle left hotel at 0730. Arrived to Republic at 0740. Checked in to interview and sat in lobby until 0830. Made small talk with fellow pilots in the mean time. Quick 10 minute tour of the facility before a 45 minute or so presentation with HR and the pilots. Then about 45 minutes with the pilots alone to ask questions. Then you would wait to be called for your... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 04, 2022 Great experience interviewing for Republic Airways. My experience is about the same as others have posted here. You leave on the shuttle bus at 7:30 to the training facility and wait in the lobby for a recruiter. You then get a tour of the facility and a presentation on Republic. Then a few pilots walk in while you fill out an hours worksheet and answer any questions you may have for 30 minutes. They were the same pilots that were interviewing us. Then we were called to interview... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Sep 29, 2022 Was flown out the day prior, put up in a hotel. Driven to the facility the next day and give a quick tour and then gave a presentation on the company. Then all the HR people left, and all the applicants got to just chat and asked the pilots questions. Then we were give a sheet to fill out all your times and experiences, pretty similar to an 8710, highly recommend a electronic logbook to fill out the times easily. People with the sooner flights out got their interview first and others that... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Sep 29, 2022 The interview was very straight forward and relaxed. As mentioned by other experiences, we were flown in the night before and given a hotel with all transportation included to and from the airport and training center where the interview was conducted. Upon arriving at the training center, we were given a presentation of all ins and outs of the airline itself, followed by a good amount of time to ask only the pilots any and all questions. This portion was very helpful as it allowed everyone... Continue reading this interview experience

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