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Was put up in the Holiday Inn the day before the interview and flew in around 4pm the day prior. Hotel does have a shuttle just make sure to call when you land and they will give you an estimate as to how long of a wait.  Hotel does run a shuttle to the Mall of America as well. Shuttle to Sun Country runs on the 15 and 45 but you have to schedule it with them. They are not always running. My interview was at 12:00pm so I took the 11:15 shuttle which worked out nice being that the HQ was only 2 mins from the hotel. Was able to knock out Hogan before the interview was even supposed to begin. Deb was very... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 21, 2022 The experience follows closely to what others have stated. They'll want you there 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time to complete background release forms, finger printing and photo. After everyone arrives for the interview, you will be given a quick welcome presentation/company overview with statistics and little facts about the company and then led on a tour of the facility. Once you finish the tour, they will gather you in the break room and you will split up to do the... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Sep 21, 2022 Everything from the latest gouges was spot on. Very relaxed and a fun atmosphere to interview in! I had a retired DL and UA pilot for the interview. Very fun and I couldn't feel better about going to Sunny! The TMAAT questions were easy for me as I only had one. Just TMAAT where you had an emergency in the airplane and how did you work it out? The rest of the panel interview was more of a conversation than an interview ans it didn't feel high pressure at... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Sep 21, 2022 The gauge on here was good. The premium package will help for sure if you’re not good at interviews. Format for interview was introduction(PowerPoint about Sunny, where it’s headed, and how awesome they are), then the 3 phase interview as described in all the other descriptions; there were 3 of us interviewing so one of us would do the computer assessment, one would do the interview(only TMAAT questions, no technical questions), and the other would wait/finish any paperwork they... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Sep 14, 2022 After a company tour, there are two segments of the interview process - the cognitive test and panel interview. In our case there was three applicants, so one person had to wait while the other two were testing until everyone finished. For the cog test you can practice the free version of Luminosity to get an idea of what it's like. I was interviewed by two people. (view the study guide of this website).  Do you have any questions for... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 07, 2022 Went exactly as it’s said on here. I had no technical portion though, just one question on if you get a landing gear fail message on final. Very laid back and straight forward. Cog test was different; I used Lumosity a little bit to prep and it seemed to... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Aug 30, 2022 Everything was as documented on the website: arrived, filled out some paperwork and was given a tour of the facility. Then I was interviewed by two retired Delta captains and a retired United captain in training (questions as to why SY and other TMAAT). Following this there was the cognitive test on an old laptop that didn't seem to work very well. (Remembering words and shapes, response time testing and numerical tests). Received an email today to inform that I was not selected to move... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Aug 24, 2022 Super easygoing Interview. All TMAAT and what would you do questions. My interview panel had three retired pilots, two from Delta, and one from Sun Country. Felt completely comfortable with them, and like others said, they are very friendly and we shared a few good laughs. The gouge is spot on. The COG test isn’t that difficult, just brain numbing and time consuming. Lots of memorization games, as in sequences of numbers forwards and backward, and then re typing them.... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Aug 16, 2022 This site I feel prepared me pretty well. It is basically as everyone has said. Arrived at 1140 for 1200 pm slot. Signed a couple documents and took a seat until the recruiter came out and collected all our paper work/logbooks to give to the interviewers. They then gave us a presentation about the company as well as a tour of the facilities. Overall everyone is very friendly. There were 2 of us interviewing so the other one went to take the Cog test first as I went in for the interview. A... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Aug 02, 2022 I found this website helpful. 3 total Parts, about 4 hours total. Tour of HQ and presentation, then we took turns doing the interview and cognitive test. While waiting the COO introduced himself to all of us which was nice. Everyone was very friendly though I found the interview to be more “interview” and less friendly chat, personally. TMAAT questions, (view the study guide of this website).  After that, Cog test which was annoying to say the least. I did use Lumosity and... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Aug 01, 2022 Interview was as described on this website. Very relaxed environment broken into about 3-4hours. There were 3 of us and we took turns doing either the face to face interview followed by the COG test. I felt like I did very poorly on the COG but was still given the CJO. Seems like a great airline to work for and can’t wait to start! Good luck... Continue reading this interview experience

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