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Was put up in the Holiday Inn the day before the interview and flew in around 4pm the day prior. Hotel does have a shuttle just make sure to call when you land and they will give you an estimate as to how long of a wait.  Hotel does run a shuttle to the Mall of America as well. Shuttle to Sun Country runs on the 15 and 45 but you have to schedule it with them. They are not always running. My interview was at 12:00pm so I took the 11:15 shuttle which worked out nice being that the HQ was only 2 mins from the hotel. Was able to knock out Hogan before the interview was even supposed to begin. Deb was very... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 07, 2023 Great experience. Very friendly staff as well. I arrived 30 minutes early to complete paperwork and fingerprints. After that, we got a brief history of the company. The cognitive test was straightforward as long as you read the instructions carefully and stay focused. The interview was a good experience as well. A lot of TMAT questions and scenarios. Technical questions should not be any surprise if you are coming from a Part 121 operation. The study guide they sent out was spot-on. After... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Aug 29, 2023 Showed up 45 minutes early and was given some paperwork to fill out for a background check and got finger printed and photo taken for a badge ID in case we are hired. Interview was really straight forward and pretty much all of the questions are on the gouge. I had 3 people in my group so I waited first while the other two took the cognitive test and the other interviewed. Overall it was pretty easy going process and if you study the gouge you will do... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Aug 23, 2023 The information here at Aviationnterviews was pretty much spot on. Study the information in the study packet the HR department emails you prior to the interview, and if you don't have experience reading Jeppesen charts, make sure you spend time to completely understanding how to interpret the information and brief STARS, SIDS, and approaches. The interview was preceded by a facility tour and company presentation. I was only asked a few technical questions (all off of the study packet), and... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Aug 09, 2023 Great experience. Interview starts at 0800 but be there at least 15-20 min before. Did a tour and a brief on the company. I went and did the COG test first. You cannot prepare for it and it reminds me of a concussion test. It takes about 45 min-1 hour. Then I did finger prints and photo while waiting for my turn for the interview. The interview was with two senior pilots but was very laid back. Wanted to hear who you were and your background. I told my life story while sprinkling in... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Aug 08, 2023 Checked in at front, turned in logbooks and required documents. Sat in the lobby with the other 2 gentlemen being interviewed. Got called back 1 by 1 to get finger prints and photos taken. When all done, got called back as a group by one of the recruiters for a presentation. Showed a slide show about history of the company, current company data, and pilot perks. COO and Director of Flight ops stopped in and spoke to us briefly. Everyone was very friendly and answered questions. After... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Aug 08, 2023 Gouges on here were spot on. Arrived and completed some paperwork including background, photo and fingerprint. First up was the presentation about Sun Country. During the presentation several people from upper level management stopped in to talk with us. We then toured the facility and met other upper level management. My group of 3 then split up with one completing the cognitive test and one completing the interview while one waited. Cognitive was as expected from other gouges. Interview... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jul 11, 2023 Everyone there was very nice and relaxed. The cognitive test isn't too bad for the most part, but I'm not aware of ways to prepare for it. The interview was with two former Delta guys who already had gone through your resume and logbooks. Be prepared to talk about check ride failures. The technical portion was easy, just read a metar, taf, and briefed an approach. They asked some standard scenario questions, TMAAT, and WWYD questions as well. Though they do pull their questions from a book... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jun 28, 2023 Like most have said on here before me go over the study guide they send you. They asked a little bit more in depth on TAFs than expected. It was two retired Delta guys basically just trying to get to know me as a person and if I had basic aviation knowledge. The cog test was very interesting to say the least... remember 15 words displayed to you at about 2 seconds each, then if one of those words pops up press the space bar. Then 15 images with two different shapes in one picture were... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jun 27, 2023 I was in the morning slot with one other person. We showed up 15 minutes prior to get temporary badges made, pictures, and fingerprints. The packet of papers and logbooks were also collected at this time. Next, we were given an overview of the company and then were shown around the facility. The VP of Flight Ops also stopped by to say hello and answer any questions we had about the company. This portion took about an hour overall. Afterward, I was taken back for the cog test and the other... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jun 21, 2023 Very hard to prep for this interview really. Consisted of mainly a personality based interview and a cognitive test. One of the executives who came in to speak to the interview cohort made sure to say multiple times to just be yourself during the interview so that’s exactly what I did, and it worked out for me. Got asked lots of leadership based questions, a little about my history, why Sun Country. Pretty easy for me as I am a MN native and this is a priority place for me to go. If... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Samuel J

    (Hired at Sun Country)

    In depth reviews and answers to questions asked.

    Sep 12, 2023  

    Christopher H

    (Hired at Sun Country)

    Prepared me well for my interview and received a CJO from my dream first airline!

    Sep 07, 2023