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Read Page 1 ... friendly and appreciates when you have everything neatly prepared for her. Do not forget to tab logbook and fill out PRIA docs for each previous airline. You might have to make more copies of the documents. Was brought into a waiting room where the Hogan began. My best advice for it is to just answer the questions honestly and without too much thought. The more you think about them the more likely you are to make a mistake. After the test was walked into another room with a 3 panel interview (HR, Pilot, and a captain from the Chief Pilot's Office) Received a brief intro to the company and benefits before the actual... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Feb 14, 2023 The interview is spot on with the other experiences on here. You’ll show up 15 mins early to complete paperwork and hand over your logbooks for review. This is followed by a short overview of the company history and pilot benefits. We had the COO stop in at this time to meet the interview group. We then took a quick tour of the facility. The group then broke up into the COG test and 1-1 interview with a couple retired pilots and the other waiter for us to complete the other... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Feb 14, 2023 I arrived at 7:30 to fill in some documents and get a visitor badge, then at 8:00 an HR rep came and gave us a tour of the offices followed by a video presentation about the company. During the video presentation/slide show, the COO came in and spoke with us and answered any questions we had. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and happy to have us there. The company is growing fast and they need pilots. After the presentation we were taken to a break room area and divided up to go do a... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Feb 07, 2023 Arrived about a half hour early, they took all my documents requested and my resume. Was brought back and listened to a short presentation about the company and its recent expansion in case we were unfamiliar. Shook hands with the COO, then the 3 of us were split up, one doing the cog screen, one in the panel interview, one waited. I did the cog first since I knew that would be my weak area and wanted to get it over with. Study cognitive tests and you can find some practice ones, but the... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Feb 07, 2023 Very friendly atmosphere and welcoming company. Was offered a flight to travel for the interview, as well as a hotel nearby. I interviewed at 8am, and was asked to show at 745 for processing. There were 2 of us there at 745am, and the other individual interviewed first while I took the cognitive test. I did not study for the cog test. It took about an hour. Did different brain games measuring memory and reaction time. Waited around for 20-30 minutes and talked to a couple of different... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Jan 31, 2023 Interview was pretty straight forward. My report time was 8am at Sun Country's headquarters in Minneapolis. Walked into the receptionist and filled out some paperwork. Someone came out and took our logbooks for review and our paperwork we brought which was outlined in the emails leading up to the interview. There were three of us total, one interviewed first and one did the cognitive test while the last one waited in the break room. The cog test was just weird but not really challenging, I'd... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Jan 26, 2023 Overall the experience was as other have said. It was a pleasant experience and everyone was super nice. I arrived a little bit more than 15 minutes prior and was asked to fill out a few papers. The three of us we were escorted to a room where we got a presentation on the company. We were also able to chat with the COO. After we were given a tour of the facility. At this point one person did the interview, one did the cog test, and one waited. I chatted with some other people from the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jan 21, 2023 It was a pleasant experience overall. It lasted just half the day. 2 others interviewed with me. We got a personal greeting from the COO which was awesome, then they took us back into a board room and gave us a brief video presentation and questions. From there we toured the offices and had a seat waiting to kick things off. There’s the HR/technical interview which lasts a little longer now since they’ve added the technical portion, the computer testing and fingerprinting/photos.... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jan 19, 2023 Interview process was straightforward and very similar to what others have listed here. They added a new “technical” portion to the interview process prior to my interview and included a study guide in an email. Make sure you view it on a computer or iPad as there were some things blocked by the charts when viewed on mobile. They seem to interview at either 8AM or Noon, I was a part of the second block and there were two candidates for each. You’ll sign some paperwork... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jan 19, 2023 Very welcoming hiring committee. I arrived 30min prior to scheduled interview, completed paperwork, took ID photo, and fingerprints. One of the HR/pilot hiring people brought me and the other applicant into a conference room to go over a PowerPoint on the company, followed by a tour of the facility. I then went into the interview with 3 retired pilots (2 delta, 1 United), who were all very welcoming. The questions were very straightforward and close to the gouge on this website. Very few... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Dec 13, 2022 About two months before the interview Sun Country sent an email. Included were two PDFs, one of all the paperwork they wanted to see filled out before arriving, and the another was the form for travel arrangements. Travel was paid for by Sun Country if you needed it, as well as a nice hotel room. Uber vouchers were also available, but you could take the hotel shuttle from the airport/to the interview. The interview itself was very straightforward and they kept us updated on the process... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: Dillon H
    (Hired at Sun Country)

    Great interview preparation for all of the airlines I interviewed with. Stress free mindset going to the interview.

    Dec 05, 2022