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Read Page 1 ... interview.  Once the group of four arrived at the interview we were split in to groups of two. One group begins the testing and the other two are divided and do the panel interview and tour the LR45. The written exam was not overly difficult but different that what I expected. The test was NOT multiple choice. Examples of questions: Name two requirements for RVSM? Standard alt mins? Fuel required for IFR? Affects of an aft CG? They had a picture of a taxi line with dashes on both sides and asked what it was (enhanced taxiway line approaching a runway hold short line) What is the value of a stabilized approach? When and why do you use a VDP? A few questions about an arrival. What is the speed limit within 4NM and 2500' of a Class C airport?
We were given as much times as needed for the written test, which began just after 8AM. Some valuable information would have been if they told us take as much time as you need but after the test you will complete the scenario and we have to be out of here at 10. After a short break following the test my partner and I began the scenario. We each received a packet with info detailing the scenario. We had to decide who would serve as SIC and PIC. The packet of info/questions was about 1/4 inch think. It was a company flight from ROG to Hayden, CO with poor weather (snow) in both places. We were to plan the flight in the LR31 and answer the questions. It was pretty simple, is what made it difficult was not being familiar with the presentation of info and having to hunt. I believe the exercise was to see how we handled the stress and worked together.
The final step of the process was the panel interview. The same group from the phone interview was conducting the panel... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. We met for dinner Sunday night before the interview on the company dime. Everyone is very welcoming and wants to get to know you personally. Monday morning at 7:45 we met at the FBO at the Rogers airport and started interviews at 8am. We split up and each did a different part of the interview first.  Then the Sim.  Next is a 30 question written test over FARs, weather systems, fronts, name things on a wing cross section, and the effects of temperature on airspeed and altitude. Some... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. I received and email asking about a time that was best to setup a phone interview. They were very punctual and called at the exact time. The phone call lasted 45 minutes. The call was a chance to get to know you and ask a few questions. There were 4 people on the conference call, the director of aviation, a chief pilot, a standards guy and a female captain. They took turns asking questions. Some of the questions they asked were: How did you get in to aviation? What do you know about Walmart?... Continue reading this interview experience