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Pilot interviewing trend at WestJet

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    Jan 04, 2024
    Scheduled for 1.5 hours, took closer to 1 hour and was told they book extra time incase there are issues with he teams video interview platform. 2 people involved 1 pilot 1 HR. Started out with general get to know each other then onto general checklist questions. Then moved onto 3 personality/Tell me a time something happened questions and then closing questions. Was a good interview experience, no technical questions and pretty relaxed...

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    Great interview. Felt like talking with old friends. Have a few good stories ready and be yourself. They don't want canned answers. They want to get to know you as a person. No technical questions. They contacted 2 of my 3 references through a 3rd party company, and then was offered a spot in a ground school. They will interview you with a CPL but your SARON & SAMRA exams must be completed, and they will not put you in a ground school until you have your ATPL sticker (or temporary...

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    Very friendly staff, one senior pilot captain, one HR specialist Tell us about your self, in about 90 seconds or less - not implied but don't ramble on Why did you chose to apply to this company? How do your peers describe you? - only allowed to use 3 words What are your leadership styles? Disagreement up front? tell us what happened. Tell us about a time when you had a difficult...

  4. Amazing experience! Outstanding, accurate gouge.

    John G Jul 23, 2024

    I was able to read the gouges for my company. The recent Gouges were very accurate!

    Clayton G Jul 23, 2024