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Interview experience:

I went to the Skywest open house in Minneapolis.  I had received a email weeks before with a list of all the open house events.  I thought that was my invitation but it was not.  The open house is for anyone who applies and is interested to be a flight attendant.  I flew in the day before on my own expense and stayed in a hotel, and hotels in the MSP area are NOT cheap.  Sign in for the event starts at 8:30am and the open house will start at 10:00am.  There is no first come first serve.  The only way you get turned away is if you are too tall or too short.  They will measure your height as soon as you walk in.  I showed up at 7am to wait in line thinking it was first come first serve.  But they do not cut it off, they want everyone who shows up to be able to attend.  I was one of the first 20 people to sign in at 8:30 so we sat around and waited until 10.  At about 9:45 everyone was inside the conference room.  Because the group was so big (over 350 people showed) they told you which room to go too (1 or 2).  At 10 they closed the doors and they will not take anyone who is late.  One of the recruiters talked about the company and life as a flight attendant but kept it very brief.       They don't go into great detail about the benefits or how schedules work.  They will open the floor for questions BUT KEEP IT BRIEF!  Ask questions about the company, domiciles, aircraft etc..  Don't ask about the benefits, I could tell the recruiter was getting a little annoyed by those questions.  Benefits such as free flying come later, after a job offer and training.  Remember there will be at least 100 to 200 people in your conference room so for time sake please keep the questions brief.  After that they let the group break for about 20 minutes.  At that point if you are not interested in the job you can leave.  At 11 the break was over and the group interview started.  They gave us one question to answer is the question is "What makes you a good flight attendant for skywest?"  Everyone goes to the front of the room and has 60 seconds to answer.  A lot of people did not answer the question.  I heard so many sob stories about getting furloughed in ex amount of days and I need a job.  I also was bored with the life stories about I used to work here when I was 15 and then I worked here when I was 20 etc etc etc.  That is not answering the question.  I cant say I know the answer to what they are looking for because I was not selected to stay for a one on one interview.  I kept my answer short and to the point.  I said I would make a good flight attendant because I put safety first.  I make my customers feel like guests on board the plane.  I treat everyone with respect.  I am a good team player and I use good judgment in any situation.  I may have kept my answer too short but I didn't want to be one of the people who went over 60 seconds (a lot of people did).  I am pretty sure that is why I wasn't selected to stay for the interview because I didn't stick out in the recruiters mind when they were making their cuts.   I have flight attendant experience and I am a good fit for the company.  When 350 people show up it is hard for them to really pick the good candidates.  Out of the 350 that showed only 40 to 50 were asked to stay.  Above all I think they go about their recruiting the wrong way.  A lot of good people with years and years experience were turned away.  A lot of it was nerves being in front of so many people and being judged up and down.  I really wish that skywest in the future would actually take the time and read resumes and applications, then invite the ones they are interested in to a interview.  If its open to anyone then everyone will show up.  I wasted close to $300 on this trip and I got nothing but a bad experience from it.  The group interview took over 3 hours for everyone to answer one question in 60 seconds or less.  As you can see a lot of people went over their time limit.  After the group interview was done they told us to take 90 minutes for lunch so they could make their cuts for the one on one interview.  It took them over 2 hours to make their decision.  They posted a list on the door, those who were on it could stay and if you were not on it you were free to go.  You can reapply in 6 months.  I don't discourage anyone from going, if your dream is to be a flight attendant then go after it.  Just be ready to spend money on a plane ticket and hotel.  Be ready to spend a very long day in a room filled with close to 200 or 400 people (if they don't split the group up).  Don't be upset if you are not selected for a one on one interview, again their recruiting method sucks!

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