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Free SkyWest Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Information and Gouge

Interview experience:

If possible, get to an open house. They have the dates and locations of their open houses on their website. I was hired on the spot at the open house I attended. Dress just like a flight attendant does for the open house or interview--Conservative, either black or navy blue pant or dress suit, white blouse or shirt, and closed toe shoes. Hair, make-up, nails and jewelry should all be conservative and well maintained. Looking the part is the first step. There were actually people in casual clothes there, and they didn't get hired. The hiring team is super friendly and they have a very good sense of humor. The experience is actually pretty fun. You sign in first and then sit in a conference room with everyone else. The hiring team comes in and introduces themselves. You then watch a short video about the company. They then give you time to ask questions. Don't ask about how quickly your travel passes kick in or what family members fly free, or anything that shows you are only interested for the perks. Think of an intelligent question to ask before hand (maybe about the planes they fly, or the route structure) and then ASK it! You don't have much interaction with the hiring team, so you want the interaction you do have to be valuable. Take advantage of the questioning time, but you should probably only ask one question. There were a couple of people who kept asking a lot of really dumb questions, and the interviewer kinda looked annoyed. Next thing is they call you up one by one in front of everyone and ask you ONE question. For example: Who is your role model and why. If you could invent something, what would it be. Why do you want to be a flight attendant. Describe a difficult customer you had to deal with. There really is no way of knowing what you will be asked. Just be confident and have fun with it. Next, they collect applications. You can fill one out there, but I highly suggest having one already filled out. That way, you have time to complete it and make it nice, and if you mess up, you can start a new one. You can get apps off their website. Think about bringing a resume too. After collecting the apps, they send you out of the room and they make their decision on who to interview further. They release the people not chosen. If chosen, the rest of the interview is cake. They just ask basic HR questions-Do you have a criminal history, what was your favorite job, etc. It was all a great experience. Just remember that first impressions are EVERYTHING. You don't have a lot of time to sell yourself, so make everything you say and do count. Dress as nice as possible, confidently ask a good question, smile a lot, and be prepared with an application. Good luck!!

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