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Emirates pilot interview information and gouge

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The Interview process is a 4 day affair. The first day is the only day you can learn and study for. This includes a sim ride in a 777 or A310. It doesnt matter as you need not know anything about the a/c you will be briefed on them. You will fly a vis circuit to get a feel for it. And then a schedule flight from Dubai where you will have a problem and decide want you want to do. The assesment is based on management and some stick and rudder stuff. Whatever your company procedures are use them and brief your "PNF" about them. They don't expect you to know Emirates SOP so don't even try. I screwed up a simple radial intercept on the RMI as there is no LNAV or Plan view just simple compass rose. My other skills must have pulled me through. also on day 1 will be a technical exam about 30 Qs. A Maths exam(time critical so go onto Youtube and get a 12yr old to teach you long division and long multiplication % stuff, fractions and relative velocity) Also some simple sim on the pc with hand eye coordination test. They will send you to the hotel and then wait for a call to tell you if you can come back the next day. Jeeeez what a wait. 2nd Day Psycho stuff with diagramatic timed test and a tour of the accomodation. 3rd day(Long one) Group excersises, the answer doesn't matter it is how you interact with someone from another continent but at least you had beers with some of them already through the week. Then a Psycho debrief, be prepared to describe yourself and have examples ready to substantiate your character. Then panel interview. Here it is of utmost importance to have stories ready of your career, it helps to page through your logbook to get all the facts. your stories should have a beginning middle and end with as much detail you can remember. The more detail you give them the less Questions they will ask about them. So have stories ready and again all about your character like a time you had to make a quick decision or a time you broke SOP(dont incriminate yourself but don't bullsh1t) or time you took control from another pilot. or time you had a fight with capt.
Then you should get another call to say if you made it through to the medicals. 4 tough days so drink Vitamins well in advance go easy on the beers as their is a liver screening at the medicals. Early mornings everyday but straightforward. The tests aren't that difficult but the stress throughout makes it hard.
So Good luck

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