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Silver Airways pilot interview information and gouge

This is interview 1 of 4 for Silver Airways.

These interviews were submitted by pilots who interviewed with Silver Airways

I went Silver Airway interview,
The people where very nice and friendly,
I flew down the day before on Sunday,
I rented a car
checked in to a hotel
arrived at the interview at 11:15am it was  schedule for 11:30am
I was met and asked to complete some paper work (basic)
then I was put on a computer to answer 40 questions must ( I studied  from a bank interview prep questions Shepherds)
I scored 80% which is what is need to continue the interview process.
I was asked to wait back in the lobby and then they will call me back for the panel interview.
When called back to a three panel it was  Chief pilot, Union Guy (Gary) and HR
HR-she is very nice and friendly wants to see if you know any thing about the company and what do you see yourself doing in 5 years.
 Chief Pilot, asked questions about my log book and flying experience( he really scrutinized my log book. Pointed some things he questioned and that is what hurt me in the interview which I thought very strange because no one has every question me like that.)
Then the union guy(Gary) gave me a piece of paper holding instruction and three airplanes positioned differently on the paper and a VOR in the middle and your to draw the holding patterns and what type of entry is required for the hold.( 2 parallel , 1 teardrop)
That was it no SIM....
Interesting: I was offered a Job with them in August  2013 at a Job fair and didn't except the offer and with a change of heart and mind  I thought to give them another look and then they rejected me!
HR asked me if I wanted to I could reapply in 6 month.  






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