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Southwest Airlines pilot interview information and gouge

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Flew in the night before. Stayed at the Renaissance. Great hotel. Fortunately I was a Marriott Rewards member so was uprgaded to club level. They had free breakfast in the club lounge. Around 11:15 I asked for a van to take me to SWA headquarters. He picked me up within 5 minutes and I arrived at 11:30. I went inside, checked in with security and they stored my bag. I was the third to show up for the afternoon session. We waited in the lobby and got to know each other a bit. They took fingerprints. Around noon they took us on a quick tour of the building.
When we got back they briefed us on planned hiring and how the day would go. They also said that the decision board would be meeting in early December. Then we were taken back to receive a briefing on how the LOI was going to be run.
I did the logbook evaluation first, followed by the LOI.
The panel interview varied from the gouge a little bit. They started by asking me to walk them through my resume.
Why Southwest
What do you know about Southwest culture?
How would you handle a commute to OAK?
Are you ok with an extended time to upgrade?
Ever fly with someone who really made you angry?
Are you having fun?
What would your previous employer say about you?
What would be the hardest part of coming here from your previous employer?
What would you do if you showed up to the airplane and noticed that the Captain had been drinking?
That was about it. I don't think I did all that well to be honest, but time will tell. Best of luck to all! Looks like a great company and you'll be very fortunate if selected.

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