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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Southwest Airlines

  1. Tell me about a time CRM was not up to par.
    On a very recent flight, no after landing checklist was done (I asked for it, but was taxiing through a tight area and didn't verify it was done), and all the deice/anti-ice switches were left on. If no one had caught it it could have cause damage to the engines if the batteries were turned on later.
    Departing from an uncontrolled field and was cleared by ATC on course after departure. The F/O and I did not talk about the exact clearance all I knew is we were cleared as filed. After departure we flew the runway heading and was asked by ATC why we weren't flying to our first fix as cleared in the clearance.
    On a recent flight I didn't ask for the shutdown checklist and I left the standby pumps on.
  2. Tell me about a time that you were counseled. (this does not have to be negative, used a good story here)
    The last few months ive been asking captains and FAs to advise me on anything they see prudent for a captain to have in their toolbag. One captain in particular spent the whole four day trip giving my feedback whether i made a mistake or something I performed nicely. We discussed engine out scenarios, in particular. We talked through different diversion scenarios as well optimal weights, speeds for different cruise altitudes. One that stuck with me was that as a captain you get dealt a hand when you start trip - Wx, fuel, crew, etc. Always try to upgrade your hand. He thanked me for keeping him out of trouble and said that I was competent pilot who would do well as a captain.
    My friend who became a pilot supervisor with Gama was giving me motivation to keep up the good work. He was hearing my name being passed around to Check airman and Instructor Pilots that I was someone to look forward to when flying with and evaluating for upgrade.
    This was a positive experience. I was called into my chief pilots office and was told by him that he heard a rumor that I had an interview with another airline. He said that he wanted to make sure that I got the job and he was going to write me a LOR. He said he has heard on numerous occasions that I was a great person to fly with and how I created a great working environment for my crews. He also remembered the time him and I flew a trip together and how he remembered the same.
    During my time at the naval academy,when my grades where a little below standard
    Prior to my wife and I getting married we went to marriage counseling the lesson we learned in our session we have used often to strengthen our relationship
  3. Tell me about a time you had to use patience.
    Teaching Chinese students how to fly
    this arduous interview process...
    Taught Wayne Newton ballroom dance.
    Parenting has taught me patience
  4. Tell me about a challenging flight.
    I was paired with my pilot supervisor for a tour and we picked up a customer known for, being late, rushing crews, and getting upset easily. We were traveling internationally and her husband brought a new passport that didn't match what we had on file. In addition we had gate hold, and the passenger had reservations at her destination. With all the delays it added up to 2 hours. Which turned into her shouting and cursing at us directly. It was nice to hear at the end of the flight from my supervisor that I handled it well.
  5. Why SWA?
    Loyalty to customer and never furloughed anybody
    The company inspires me with the way it treats the employees and customers.
    It's one the most prestigious airlines in the world with a successful business model and a consumer satisfaction above average.
  6. Tell me about a time your work schedule had to change?
    I was on a day trip. After dropping off the passenger, we were told my dispatch that our trip would extend by a couple of days. We had to reposition to another city and sit before picking up another charter to another city. They were going to make too much to pass up the charter, so we completed the trips before returning home.
  7. Tell me about a time fuel was an issue.
    Got put in a hold, by the time we were released we would be landing at the destination below mins. So we diverted.
  8. Tell me about a time someone tried to get you to break the rules.
    We busted our TCAS at an outstation. It is a laborious and multi-MEL process, and the station agent and dispatch didn't like us delaying, but we did the MEL process and got underway with minimum delay.
  9. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a superior what did you do?
    The director of maintenance MEL'd smoke in the cockpit by stating it was a rheostat. It very obviously was not and he was panicked trying to make the schedule. I refused to fly the aircraft and informed the ramp manager that the cargo would need to go on the standby aircraft. The DOM was quite livid but I stood my ground and was justified when they later found the source was a loose wire swinging behind the dash.
  10. Tell me about a time you made a quick decision?
    I was flying when the left engine began experiencing compressor stalls. After performing the memory items a large nearby airport was rapidly chosen as we worked through the checklist.
  11. Thomas F

    (Hired at Southwest Airlines)

    Almost all of the questions were answered in the trip reports. Nothing beats the comfort in feeling prepared by being able read the entire trip report and knowing the questions that will be asked.

    Apr 07, 2024  

    Julian B

    (Hired at Southwest Airlines)

    Being able to see the questions that I could possibly get out me at ease. I got the job because of what you all have compiled here.

    Feb 07, 2024