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Shuttle from hotel to SWA headquarters. First step is turning in your log books and the paper work SWA emails you when accepted for an interview. SWA has a specific order they would like the paper work in! "Stack one, stack two" is how SWA refers to the paperwork, please be detailed oriented. This time is also when you will be fingerprinted digitally, takes no time at all. During this process you'll be in the room with the candidates, just remember that the interview begins from the time you leave the hotel to the time you walk out of the building, always be courteous and social! They love seeing how you and the other candidates interact. Next your group will be greeted by someone from the interview team and will walk over to an adjacent building for the interview. You and your group will be seated in a room where you'll be called individually to begin one of three portions of the interview. These three portions are (this is the order I got, keep in mind you can get any order!) Logbook audit, HR, LOI (Line Oriented Interview) Logbook Audit: Straight forward, they will have... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jan 17, 2022 The day went as advertised on here. My line up was LOI, HR panel, logbook. I feel the LOI debrief was a weak point for me looking back. It’s tough to debrief something without knowing a result. If I were to do it again I would simply say what went well, what didn’t, what I’d do different. No reason to dig any deeper. The rest of the day was enjoyable. I heard from more than one person in the company that when you walk in the door, the job is yours to lose. They simply want... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jan 02, 2022 Swa, it was awesome, I love the app, it was very helpfull Thank... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Dec 16, 2021 I was asked general HR type questions.  Why SWA, TMAAT you had a customer service experience, TMAAT when you had a mistake in the flight deck,  TMAAT when you had a conflict on board with a crew member.   What would be your challenge if you get selected at... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Dec 07, 2021 Extremely friendly atmosphere. Very inviting. LOI’s basically all the same, get information, analyze, make a decision. Time runs out quick so make sure you have decided in the time allotted or it’s a failure. HR and pilot interview are extremely friendly and basically just a conversation. Logbook review is basically yes or no questions. They need to hire a lot and are going to be interviewing for a while. Great company with really good... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Dec 07, 2021 Overall the SWA experience was very laid back, as expected. Meet in the lobby of the Wings Building. A couple folks rolled up with a cart, everyone dropped off their logbooks. Manager of pilot hiring spoke with us about what to expect, how hiring is coming along, expected hiring over the next year, etc. The interview experience is a half day, broken into 3 stages. Panel interview was with 2 pilots and 2 HR recruiters. They wanted to hear about my background, a handful of TMAAT... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Dec 07, 2021 I was chosen for the HR panel first. Lots of training is happening in the hiring teams so my panel consisted of 5 people. Asked very similar questions to the video interview.  Logbook interview was pretty benign, I recommend having a summary sheet already done providing breakdowns of PIC, PIC per aircraft, Turbine PIC, Turbine Total, and the time breakdowns that they asked for in the online portion. During this process they want to make sure your logbook hours match exactly (within an... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Dec 06, 2021 First was the Virtual Interview (mine was about 30 mins): INTROS questions.  (view the study guide of this website).   Lead in to a question.   HOUSEKEEPING QUESTIONS.   FLIGHT TOTALS REVIEW Total Turbine PIC Total Turbine Total time Total instructor time Total time last 0-12 mos and which a/c Total time last 13-24 mos and which a/c Total time last 25-36 mos and which a/c Total time last 0-36 mos and which a/c Total time last 5 years and which a/c All... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Dec 02, 2021 This was the virtual interview. I met with a FO and a member of the people department. They introduced themselves and asked me to tell them about myself in 3 mins or less due to time constraints. A few standard questions followed by TMAAT you went above and beyond in your current role (which threw me off because my above and beyond story is from when I was a copilot). There were a few other softball questions followed by a brief logbook review. They asked for my total turbine PIC time,... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Nov 09, 2021 I got the 0800 Interview session. I stayed at the Doubletree which is highly used by Southwest. Expect to see a lot of WN personnel at the hotel, so mind your P’s and Qs. The hotel shuttle ran every 20 mins and I took the 0720 shuttle with 2 other candidates and a lot of Southwest pilots going for training. We went to the Wings building which is different from before COVID when we went to HDQ. We checked in with security and stored our bags in the room in the lobby. After 0815 several... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Nov 02, 2021 This is for the virtual interview. I had one People Dept person, a 9-yr FO and a 3-yr FO that was new to hiring team who was just observing.  TMAAT questions.    (view the phone/virtual section of the study guide of this website). Interview ended with logbook review that was pretty simple (last 12 mo, 13-24 mo, 25-36 mo, and last 5 yr total, PIC, turbine PIC). Then do you have any questions for... Continue reading this interview experience

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