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Shuttle from hotel to SWA headquarters. First step is turning in your log books and the paper work SWA emails you when accepted for an interview. SWA has a specific order they would like the paper work in! "Stack one, stack two" is how SWA refers to the paperwork, please be detailed oriented. This time is also when you will be fingerprinted digitally, takes no time at all. During this process you'll be in the room with the candidates, just remember that the interview begins from the time you leave the hotel to the time you walk out of the building, always be courteous and social! They love seeing how you and the other candidates interact. Next your group will be greeted by someone from the interview team and will walk over to an adjacent building for the interview. You and your group will be seated in a room where you'll be called individually to begin one of three portions of the interview. These three portions are (this is the order I got, keep in mind you can get any order!) Logbook audit, HR, LOI (Line Oriented Interview) Logbook Audit: Straight forward, they will have... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Aug 16, 2021 This was the first round which took place over Webex. The panel consisted of a recruiter, a captain and a first officer. They started out by introducing themselves and then asked me to walk them through my resume. Being a former check airman, the captain and recruiter asked me about challenging pilot candidates that I had trained and then asked me about how I managed flying with someone I didn't get along with. Then the discussion focused on customer service and the things I had done to... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. I was hired for the cadet program only. Flight experience was not required, however I had 40 hours of private lesson. They mostly asked about my personalities and TMAT questions. They also asked about what would I do and questions about stress management questions about my current job (not aviation... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. No surprises here. The interview was just as others have described it. I was in the morning session with 6 others; 6 of the 7 were successful. For reference, the vast majority of the interviewees, both morning and afternoon, were Part 135 pilots, a couple of military and 121 individuals. Sim, view the sim/scenario section of this website).  No feedback and I got a negative vibe from one of the interviewers, but don't read into it. Next was the logbook review. Very straight forward and... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. HR panel - pretty straight forward and very conversational. LOI - read all about it under the sim portion...who knows what a successful/unsuccessful LOI looks like, I thought mine was fine. Log book/Paperwork review - more intense than you would think. Pretty sure this is what cost me the job. Many months before my invite, when I filled out the app, I didn't add something in the accidents/incidents question. I was accused of an incident, but actually did nothing wrong, however, I had... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Previous experiences detail exactly what the day was like for me, so review the thorough ones and you'll be set. What a great experience! They really do their best to put you at ease and make you feel at home. Something I found enjoyable was getting to meet all of the candidates, including non-pilot applicants, who were there interviewing for various positions. That was great, especially talking with some internal candidates that were looking to transfer to new positions within the... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Flew in on Sunday night before the interview. SWA arranged the flights to/from my home airport but the hotel was at my own expense. Stayed at the DoubleTree and used the hotel van to the interview site with 4 or so other applicants. The instructions tell you which building to go to but are a little unclear on locating the right entrance. If you arrive in your own vehicle I'm sure the security guard at the post will point you in the right direction, but it's the entrance on the side of the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. All parts of the interview were as previously explained. There were no curveballs. 0630 arrival, badges, small talk, brief, then the fun begins. Not rushed, but no lingering. They were friendly and kept the pace moving without you feeling rushed. Logbook Went as briefed, with adding some totals to find some figure they want. Totals- the yearly totals are not running totals, but rather the time you flew in year 2-3, etc. Panel was the 45 min talk it was supposed to be. TMAATT, memory item,... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Same as all other ride reports. Extremely friendly atmosphere all day, very good at putting you at ease. LOI goes quick, HR panel was practically chatting over coffee laid back, and logbook review was the same (prepare the way others have described previously with times broken down). No surprises and no... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Just as described. Be yourself. I was so nervous but became more relaxed as the day went on. I was in the AM session and they had us be there at 7. We walked around 1pm. The LOI I was given was HAZMAT. They just want to see you work through and make a decision. HR was the easiest I felt like. They just want to talk to you and make sure they can sit next to you for 4 days. The Logbook Review was straight forward. Have a look back sheet for the last 5 years. Other than that, very straight... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Recap of my experiences at Southwest Airlines. I applied during the August 2019 window and was emailed late December 2019. I utilized an interview prep company and had previously had my application reviewed for AA, which is basically the same. I would say you most likely don't need an application review for Southwest, you just better you go through it multiple times and have your friends go through it as well. On one question where it asks if there is anything else you want to tell us,... Continue reading this interview experience

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