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Fiji Airways Flight Attendant Interviews

Read Page 1 ... that we were told to come out of the pool and they checked our hands and body whether we have any tattoo or not. After that we were told to swim from the end we were at to the other end and back to where were start once we reach the starting area the 5 instructor check our body once more for tattoo visible. After that we were directed to another changing room for us to change into our business attire. The next thing we did was to film in our medical history or medical questionnaire and once we were done we were directed to another tent and wait for the events results.While waiting an officer came and call out a name and ask the person to follow him to an empty tent which is few minutes from where we at. With a blink of an eye, there were only four of us in the tent and were called by the officer to follow him to the empty tent. With surprise, we were informed that out of the tent participants in our group were are the only 4 applicants that went thru to the next phase that is aptitude test.(Note:the total number of participants that came for recruitment were more than 200 and we were put into 10 people in one group) On Friday the we have the aptitude test through zooming. Once we were done with the test we were told to submit our answer sheet through email. On Monday  I received another email from the recruitment team that I have successfully completed my aptitude test and they have emailed my interview date and the venue for the interview and later in the afternoon another email came stating that I have to complete my personality assessment which is due the next day with 144 statements.

The email came,  it stated that I have to attend a face to face interview. After work on Tuesday ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience