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Fiji Airways Flight Attendant Interviews

Read Page 1 ... before we moved into the interview room. After my interview I was told to check my email. After one day i received a massage in my phone stating that we are going to sit for a aptitude test at Fnu Nabua at 11am.Well Iam patiently waiting for the results and hoping for the best.To conclude my interview, it was Fun where i meet different people and New friends.  Most importantly please dear friend don't give up easily especially during the swimming test. Just contol your breathing and keep swimming. If your New friends can do it why can't you!!

1.The start of the interview that one of the interviewer introduce them all it was a face to face interview there were three of them. They asked us question just to see if we are confident and capable for the position as a cabin crew.They asked about what i understand about Cabin crew. Well Cabin crew there main job is to be there for the safety and comfort of the passengers.Cabin crew main priority would always be the safety and comfort of the passengers,and to achive the goal of the ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience