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Mine was in Nextant 400. NOTE: if in the 400, the yoke trim has an inner button that you must press IN and hold THEN up or down to trim. More on that in a minute. Basic profile is exactly what others describe. You will do a takeoff in 400-1. Everything will be set up for you by your right seater. You just fly. You don't have to do any bottom pressology. He will set and tell you speeds. Give whatever standard brief you would give at current company. They don't expect you to know their SOPs or ANYTHING about the plane. But they do expect you to call for checklists the entire flight like you normally would. Be a PIC! Everything is green needles, no FD, no AP. You'll takeoff straight to a 3k level off, get a vector to crosswind then downwind. Keep it at about 200kts. At that point, you'll hand over the controls to the right seater and brief the ILS (Mine was 22L JFK, others said they use MEM too sometimes). Right seater will trim the plane out great for you while you brief. Take back over, two more lead in... Continue Reading this Scenario