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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Flexjet

  1. How would you deal with a delay?
    First I would get all the available information regarding the delay, Weather, mechanical, etc. Then I would present that information to the client with a a clear plan of action to remedy the situation while presenting a new time frame for the completion of the flight. After that I would do all I can to make the clients comfortable. Lastly I would coordinate with dispatch to make sure all ground transportation is update to the new time line so that there are no. further delays
    I have found that passengers are usually ok with delays or other issues as long as the pilot communicates with them thoroughly and honestly all along the way. So I would call the company to either let them know that I am encountering a delay, or find out why a delay is happening. Once I have a game plan, I would tell the passengers what is going on, how long we can expect a delay, and what we are going to do to make this as short of a delay as possible. While waiting, depending how long the delay is, I would leave the APU running so the passengers could enjoy themselves on board, or I would set up a car service to take them out for a meal or something similar.
  2. What are you going to tell the customer that has a multi million dollar deal coming up that you have to cancel the flight because the a/c is broke, etc?
    First, before advising the owner, insure that the company has a substitute aircraft in-route. Know the approximate delay time before the new aircraft arrives. Then, advise the owner in a professional manner providing all the information available so he understands that while he will be delayed every effort is being made to provide his transportation as soon as possible and that based on your information, he should be able to still have his meeting. Insure that his transportation at destination has been updated so he or she does not experience any additional delay. Remain with the passenger and associates if any and provide direct help in transferring his bags to the arriving aircraft.
  3. Why Flexjet?
    Flexjet is the premier transportation company in its segment. the myriad of services are superior to other similar private transportation companies. The Red Label experience, Corporate Solutions and Private Terminal upgrade provide outstanding service and value and allow the customer choice and premier solutions for their transportation needs.
  4. What can you bring to the table?
    Broad experience in the customer service area within the personal Fractional industry. Ten years experience with a Fractional operator and proven customer satisfaction record. An expansive aviation background, Military, Airline and Fractional with emphasis on safety, standardization, mentoring and training. Positions held include; Flight Examiner, FAA Designated Examiner, Line Check Airman and AQP Quality Assurance manager.
  5. Do you have a problem relocating?
    Not required as the company has a base in home city.
  6. How did you get into flying?
    From the age of 13, I started building and flying my own radio controlled planes. I practiced take-offs and landings, and taught myself different aerobatic maneuvers. My dad had a Cessna 172, and at the age of 16, I asked him if I could start flying real airplanes. About one year later I got my Private and I flew to college that day with my dad in the right seat.
    My father had a Citation 1 when I was a young boy, I would travel on it with my family on vacations. When I was about 10 years old I turned to my father on a flight and told him "I would like to be a pilot when I grow up"
    I started with aero club flying but my foremost training is military.
  7. Were you ever fired?
  8. Name a time when you went out of your way for a customer.
    While the opportunities weren’t as great for this in the 121 world. Going down to the ramp for find a stroller or get a bag for an elderly person or someone who had a tight connection. Helping others in the airport and just always being willing to try and listening and help
  9. Tell me why you left a previous job?
    I left one job because they went bankrupt. I left another to get into a major airline.
    My previous employer actually left me. The company stopped operations due to a corporate decision to not continue providing the service.
  10. What were your experiences at a previous job?
    My most memorable experiences at my previous company weave around customer service and how best to provide the most comfortable and professional flight to our owners. The area I liked best about this type of operation was our interaction with our owners. The other enjoyable aspect was flying into the many and varied airports within our company area and the great interactions between crew members.
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