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He pulled out a paper to have me read a metar. Next on that paper said our planned land time is 1130z, read this taf and tell me if we need and alternate. There was a tempo line from 12-14z with 1/2sm vis, so yes, we dis need an alternate. Next he placed his iPad in front of me with the ILS 19 into DCA. Told me I was prior to the FAF with RVR of 20/19/20 and asked if we could shoot the approach (ils mins are RVR 24, but there is a note saying with flight director, etc. RVR 18), so yes we could start the approach. I missed the note and initially said no since he didnt need me to brief the entire approach. Then he said I'm inside the FAF and RVR goes to 16, can I continue. Yes because I was inside the faf. I added I would continue to DA and if I had the... Continue Reading this Scenario