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This simulator evaluation isn’t a throw away activity. It’s as equally important to them as the interview (and in the interview best make sure they understand that you are all about SAFETY & SERVICE) above and beyond anything else. The sim eval is as described by others - you will do a departure that’ll be loaded in the FMS for you. I was given the CRJ200 to fly and the software for that is extremely poor compared to other sims. It’s also completely motionless. Other applicants above seem to have said their evaluators were only looking to see how well you worked as a team and not how well you flew the sim. That wasn’t the experience of those in my cohort nor myself. They absolutely care how well you can manually fly the aircraft and keep up with the airspeeds and altitudes and headings. That’s part of how they weed out those they’re not willing to hire yet. Those who have had previous jet... Continue Reading this Scenario