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  • I received a call about four weeks after submitting my application. As previously stated in other gouges very simple 30 minute conversation, TMAAT questions, and background stuff. I was told I would hear back in a week on if I would advance to next phase, but I actually received invite email within hours of finishing phone call interview. A week later I did the video conference interview, once again no surprises this gouge really prepared me well. Always show off your customer service mindset, attention to safety, and strong knowledge of the company. The video conference lasted an hour I used my iphone, and had three people taking turns...

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    Jul 12, 2024
    Not much to add. Others are spot on. The virtual interview was very relaxed. I wore a suit and tie and was complimented on my appearance. We started by introducing myself, my story of how I began aviation and the steps I’ve taken to get where I am today. After swapping stories, I was asked “why NetJets?” I gave my professional insight on the company and why it stood out from the rest. I was then asked “what safety meant to me?” For this I reviewed the...

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    Jul 09, 2024
    Everything on this site is very very accurate. No surprises. The phone interview was very standard HR questions, the interviewer made it very relaxing. The interview in person was very straight forward, have all of your log books totaled and possibly a 8710 handy if able. It will make it very easy when asked specific times. The sim was straight forward, study with your sim partner, brief everything, talk out loud through the flight! Good luck...

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    Jul 05, 2024
    The interview was extremely accurate to what everyone else said, it felt very informal over the virtual setting, though I did wear a suit. I had only one TMAAT question but the interviewer walked through my entire resume and then asked me why I left each individual job I have had previously. She asked customer service questions like what is great customer service and so forth. I was asked what I did to ensure safety for each individual flight. There were also questions about are you allowed...

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    Jul 02, 2024
    Video interview. Walkthrough resume, “why NJ”, TMAT questions on safety and conflict in the flight deck, then yes/no questions like “have you failed out of training, how many checkride failures, have you ever been involuntary separated from a company”. Got a lot of info about the company and schedule and expected pay and then was told to expect a response within a week. Got an email 2 days later with more information about the company and pay. 2 more days got the...

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    Jul 01, 2024
    The phone screening was just as others have stated. Why 135 over 121? Why NetJets? HR type questions,  (view the study guide of this website). Two TMAAT questions related to customer service. Series of YES/NO questions… training failures, flying into Canada, DUI convictions, etc. Phone screening was exactly 30 minutes. She opened it up for questions at the...

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    Jun 27, 2024
    Great experience from over-the-phone interview to being invited out to Columbus! If you use this site as your source to prepare for the interview you will do just fine. I will say I was put in the crj200 sim and have previous jet experience(not much as others but some) and it feels nothing like a real airplane & super sensitive. Everything happens super quick during the Newark 5 departure off of 04L. I was far from perfect but my sim partner and I did hold true to all the callouts &...

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    Jun 27, 2024
    I submitted application at 8pm. Next morning at 6am I had invite for first interview. It went as many posted on here with 6-7 TMAT questions then the have you failed a check ride, been fired, etc. Received the invite for the in-person while on the call. It was scheduled two weeks later. A negative is that while others received their packet a week to few days ahead of time, I did not receive mine until 5pm the evening before. It left a lot of cramming in the hotel room. Also, being so...

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    Jun 27, 2024
    The interview is exactly as advertised on this website, both the phone and in person. The phone interview was actually more intense than the in person interview (save the sim), the lady is really big on "why NetJets?" I think they are trying to ward off time-builders who are trying to use NetJets as a stepping stone to the airlines. Practicing the callouts and all of the finer details of the sim with your partner is crucial, run through the PM and PF roles with each other a couple...

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    Jun 27, 2024
    Again, as others have said, not much to add. Phone interview is exactly as described. I was asked “Why NetJets”, “What's the difference between good customer service and excellent customer service?” It started with a run down of my resume. Very professional yet laid back. The on-site experience was amazing. They really want to hire you, so if you made it to that point, it’s yourself to lose. I can’t stress this enough! Know your call outs and SOPs from...

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    Jun 27, 2024
    I was contacted for a teams interview a day after submitting my resume. The teams interviews was less than 30 minutes, I walked through my resume, why NetJets, did I apply to any other jobs, what was my hardest flight. I believe the teams interview was just a screening to see if your personality fits and if you are someone who is going to stick around. I was offered an in person interview on the spot which was one week later. We started the day with a benefits presentation, followed by a...

  11. This service fully prepared me for my interview with netjets which resulted in a job offer.

    Brandon A Jul 03, 2024

    Hired at NetJets
    A well laid out website and easy to use. Works great for us all.

    Ricky G Jun 10, 2024

    Hired at NetJets