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Read Page 1 ... asking me questions. I received invite for in person interview a fews days later through email. The final stage of interviewing was just as described previously. I flew up to CMH the day prior to interview, stayed at Hilton Garden Inn, shuttle service available for all your transportation needs airport and headquarters. I was looking for email that night with simulator profiles I needed to learn for next day but they never came. In the morning I met the other pilots interviewing and we all brought up how we didn't get emails. As soon as we arrived to HQ we were greeted by HR and Pilots. We broke into two groups then assigned sim partners. (view... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

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  1. Interview sample 1

    May 15, 2024 I submitted my application and received an email less than 24 hours later to schedule the 30 min HR interview. There was an option for a next day interview, but I wanted to get smarter on Net Jets, so I took the next opportunity 2 weeks later. The HR interview is straight forward and conversational using TMAAT, give an example format. The Qs were (not verbatim), tell me about yourself and how you ended up here (gave me 2 minutes but looked at my resume and extended the time to about 5 min),... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Interview sample 2

    May 13, 2024 This was the initial screening. He asked me tell me about yourself giving the flying experience that brought me to this interview and then HR type questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Then we went through the Admin background info failing a checkride, accidents or incidents, fired from a job, resigned in lieu of fired, denied a drug test. The second screening would be an invitation to headquarters in Columbus, OH with a Sim eval in two weeks usually a Tuesday or... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Interview sample 3

    May 09, 2024 Gouge was spot on. If you're like me, you will over prepare which is better than being underprepared. Interview is VERY relaxed, just be yourself; I can not stress this enough. After being met by an HR rep, we were on the way with our "tour guide" who showed us the ins and out of NetJets. Afterwards, we had a nice, catered lunch and the interview began ( but know the interview begins the moment you check in to the hotel.. being polite should be normal, but maybe some people need to... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Interview sample 4

    May 08, 2024 I submitted my application on a Thursday afternoon and received the email to set up the online FO interview on Monday. I had one internal recommendation. The interview was about 30 minutes and was exactly what everyone has stated here. Started with TMAAT regarding a copilot, difference between good and great customer service and when there was a time that I gave good vs. great customer service. Then went over the yes/no questions regarding checkride failures, anything on your record, can you... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Interview sample 5

    May 08, 2024 The phone screen is exactly as advertised here. Then questions, standard HR. Said at the end they had to run my application by their boss, which I’m learning in these hiring processes is not a good sign at any job. Total Time from submitting my application to phone screen to rejection letter was 6 days, which is impressive of Netjets to let you know that fast. Can reapply in 6... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Interview sample 6

    May 07, 2024 The entire day was excellently structured and executed. NetJets runs an amazing program, as many people have stated already. Everyone in my class was on a different schedule it seemed, so don’t be surprised if your itinerary is different than mine. I started the day with the facility tour, where they show you the glory of the NJ headquarters at CMH. This is your time to ask questions towards someone who holds a management position. From there, we went to an event center in Columbus... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Interview sample 7

    May 07, 2024 First started with a Teams interview! These were TMAAT questions, answer honestly and show you’re customer service oriented. Then, the in-person was an oral and a sim interview. They’re looking for adherence to SOPs and trainability in the sim, and the ability to be a good crewmember. Study the... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Interview sample 8

    May 07, 2024 Virtual interview was exactly as explained in multiple other posts on here. Definitely prep your responses beforehand as this portion of the interview is very important and not simply a formality. As others have stated, the in-person interview experience was fantastic and NetJets puts on a great day for you. The HR portion is mostly an expansion of the interview you did virtually with a few additional TMAAT questions, what makes you nervous about working at NetJets, and things like that. The... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Interview sample 9

    May 03, 2024 Typically HR questions. Didn’t make it past the online screening. They are looking for people with ATP CTP done and ATP written in hand if you’re less than ATP mins. If you were to pass the online screening they wouldn’t let you do the second interview until you have completed ATP CTP. If you want this company as your segway from instructing or first ATP job, make sure you have ATP CTP completed before... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Interview sample 10

    May 02, 2024 My experience was spot on to what everyone else is saying. It was very laid back, you just have to act like you want to be there and remember it’s yours to lose! My interviewer didn’t ask me a lot of questions he mostly talked about himself but the few he did ask came from this study guide. The sim was in a challenger 350, if they put you in that one it’s a little touchy but not difficult to manage, less is more! Good... Continue reading this interview experience

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