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PSA Airlines News

This news is updated by a pilot that actually works for PSA Airlines

Crew Domiciles: CLT DAY TYS

Number of Pilots: 1180

Number of Aircraft: 79

Type of Aircraft: CRJ-200 (35)
CRJ-700 (14)
CRJ-900 (30)

Most Junior Captain Hire Date: December 4, 2014

-hiring direct entry captains

-Long Call reserve with 12hr callout

--Short Call reserve now has a 2hr callout

--Hot Reserve is now 8hrs instead of 10hrs

-New hire FOs can expect base of choice with 3-4 months after completion of training.  Junior base is TYS.

-Company states they need around 1000 pilots total to staff and train to operate the existing aircraft in addition to the 30 900s.

-Planning to hire 50/ mo and upgrade 16/mo indefinitely 

-Min number of scheduled days off 11 days

-Lineholders are able to use the Schedule Adjustment Period (SAP) to trade down to 65hrs to get more time off or pickup/trade open time at premium pay.

- announced delivery of 47 Crj-700 next gen aircraft with an option for 24 more 900s

-delivery of aircraft started in June 2014 with 2 per month. Delivery of 3 per month until 2017

-2 guaranteed interviews with US Airways/American in seniority order

-Published Mins: Accepting applicants who meet the requirements for the new R-ATP