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Frontier Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Frontier Airlines

  1. What altitude does the O2 mask deploy in back?
    14,000 /-300 ft (CRJ)
    14,000 ft.
  2. What does TH57 stand for on a DEN ils plate?
    threshold crossing height is 57 feet
  3. Have I ever failed a check ride?
    Yes, and own up to it.
  4. Have you ever had to take the plane from a superior, and how did you handle it?
    Yes, I asked the ca if he could see the taxiway to hold short of. He said yes, and proceeded to try and pass it. I hit the brakes and we stopped short. He knew then he was wrong, and double checked where we were in jfk.
    Yes, we were just clearing Rwy 4 in HOU at night in moderate precipitation. The tower told us to taxi to the gate with him (gate is right off the Rwy.) The CA called for the After Landing Checklist. I preceeded with my flow and out of my peripheral vision I saw a citation taxing with out any lights on. The other aircraft was converging at us from the left as we were on a high speed exit. I initially thought the CA had seen the other aircraft but the our speed was very high I said "Brake" he hesitated and so I applied them fully to prevent us from having a collision at a significant speed. Later the CA said thank you and that he did not see the other aircraft because the post that boarders the windows on the inside of the flight deck obstructed his view.
  5. What is definition of “min fuel”?
    When you can accept little or no delay, not an emergency situation, just an advisory to atc
  6. When do you need an alternate?
    +/- 1 hour, 2000' Ceiling, 3sm visibility
  7. Can you shoot the ILS if the missed app is based on a navaid that is Notam’d out of service?
  8. Tell us about a time you went the extra mile at work…
    Showed up early for a trip, walked a passenger "with very poor English" across the airport to their departing flight.
  9. What 2 values are most important to you and why?
    Integrity and Communication
  10. How I came to where I am now in my flying career?
    My uncle was my flying mentor. He helped me join the military.
  11. Feedback from: Louise C
    (Interviewed with Frontier Airlines)

    Excellent information

    Sep 04, 2019