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SkyWest Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with SkyWest Airlines

  1. If you are assigned higher alt. than the published MDA to intercept GS, where is FAF?
    lowest altitude on the intermediate segment of the published approach and the glide slope intercept
    Glide slope intercept at the intercept altitude
    Glide slope intercept
  2. If you shoot the approach by doing Procedure turn where is FAF?
    When a FAF is not designated, such as on an approach that incorporates an on-airport VOR or NDB, this point is typically where the procedure turn intersects the final approach course inbound. This point is referred to as the final approach point (FAP)
    Glide slope intercept on a precision approach
    established inbound on the final approach course
  3. If the VOR, which is being used for missed approach segment, is inoperative, is the approach still legal?
    Specifically 5-4-21 e
    Aeronautical Information Manual5-4-21. Missed Approach. Some locations may have a preplanned alternate missed approach procedure for use in the event the primary NAVAID used for the missed approach procedure is unavailable. The alternate missed approach may be based on NAVAIDs not used in the approach procedure or the primary missed approach. When the alternate missed approach procedure is implemented by NOTAM, it becomes a mandatory part of the procedure. The NOTAM will specify both the textual instructions and any additional equipment requirements necessary to complete the procedure. Air traffic may also issue instructions for the alternate missed approach when necessary, such as when the primary missed approach NAVAID fails during the approach. Pilots may reject an ATC clearance for an alternate missed approach that requires equipment not necessary for the published approach procedure when the alternate missed approach is issued after beginning the approach. However, when the alternate missed approach is issued prior to beginning the approach the pilot must either accept the entire procedure (including the alternate missed approach), request a different approach procedure, or coordinate with ATC for alternative action to be taken, i.e., proceed to an alternate airport, etc.
    Well, that depends on the title of the approach. If the approach was titled VOR or GPS, then you may legally execute the Missed using your approved database as a means to retrieve the way-points necessary to execute the missed.
  4. Why do you want to work for Sky West?
    I heard a lot about how First Officers are captains in training; This is the mentality that I want to especially adopt going through training and out into the flight line, because the learning never stops.
    Know several Skywest pilots. All love the company and the job. I want to be based in San Diego so Skywest is the regional of choice for me.
    I needed to apply variation to my career and as we all know... east is least and west is best!
    SkyWest has the best reputation for integrity, financial security and great people at all levels within the company.
    Great company with a great reputation and plenty of opportunities to grow and achieve.
    It's the only regional out West.
  5. How often do you call in sick?
    When I'm sick, I will call in sick.
    About once every 8 to 10 years.
  6. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
    Captain at Skywest for somewhere at legacies airlines, hopefully, Delta air Lines
    They seem very comfortable in the fact that a lot of pilots will move on in 3-5 years, and they just want an honest answer). I said that I would like to be a captain, and involved in the training department. I ultimately want to be happy and have a decent QOL, so if I find that in SkyWest I would be around for a while.
    Skywest First Officer
    at Southwest airlines
    Captain, at SkyWest.
  7. What is CRM?
    Crew Resource Management. Use all available resources to cover tasks while you handle situation.
    The systematic and effective use of all available resources to ensure a desirable outcome and completion of the flight. Focusing on communication, teamwork, task allocation, decision-making and situational awareness. The major contributors in the CRM process are: Dispatchers, flight attendants, maintenance, ATC and of course the cockpit crew.
  8. What do you know about Sky West?
    With over 13,000 aviation professionals operating more than 2,100 daily flights, SkyWest Airlines connects millions of passengers each month to 248 destinations across North America. SkyWest operates in partnership with Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines and has a fleet of 462 aircraft. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, SkyWest’s industry-leading workforce and excellent leadership team have consistently generated solid operational and economic performance, setting the standard for excellence in the regional industry. (Taken from their website 12/18/2018)
  9. What did the stock close at the day before?
    SKYW on NYSE
  10. What do you like to do when you're not flying?
    If you have a hobby you're passionate about, they would love to hear about it.
    Say something fun and non-aviation related! They don't want to hear boring answers like that you like to fly and read the FAR/AIM.
    I like to troubleshoot and solve problems. I like to be challenged in everything I do.

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