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  • Interview started at 0830 in Salt Lake. Myself and three other applicants. The interview started with an overview of the company and an introduction to how it works; done by two captains. I was selected first to do the HR portion with one of the captains. Because I had gone to a Cadet experience the day before they brought me out of the overview of the company prior to it ending to do the HR portion. It was very relaxed. The captain had to do some errands so we walked and talked for part of it. The questions were about disagreements with previous bosses, what would be the hardest thing about joining Skywest, what aircraft would I prefer, etc... see that portion of the gauge for more info. He also...

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    Jun 11, 2024
    Very laid back, started with introductions and paperwork items. Verifying times and documents. The technical portion was set up as a day of flying starting at the hotel all the way until the parking brake is set. Nothing to crazy just study the gouge and be able to have a...

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    Jun 10, 2024
    Hour and 45 minutes long interview. My interviewer was a 1-year FO who had just joined the interview team. Laid back and made things seem more like a conversation than an interview. Started out with basic intro and getting to know each other's background after that we moved on to 30-60-90-1 year times. TMAT questions and then into the technical portion. He asked about Airspace widths and heights (Class D) and airspeeds, 123 rule and 91.175. High altitude aerodynamics, Jet turbine theory,...

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    Jun 10, 2024
    Everything on this website was spot on. There was nothing asked that I have not seen on here prior. It started off with going over all the documents that I previously uploaded. then we went right into the technical area. I was asked about jeppesen plates (approach and Taxi), aerodynamics (high altitude as well as basic stuff), systems on a plane of my choice and some questions related to jet aircraft. That lasted about 45 minutes. Then he asked some questions about me and my flying career...

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    Jun 07, 2024
    Interview was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Interviewer was a 2 year FO and made it an extremely chill and relaxed environment. Started with personal intros and why aviation, why skywest? After we went into times. Know your totals and 30/60/90/365 times. Went into the technical portion, he asked most of the questions that you'll see here. It was a flight from point A to B, talked through it all. CRM, IFR regs, speeds, holds, everything you can think of will be in this study...

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    Jun 07, 2024
    1:45 total. Started with introductions. He asked if I had done the interview preparation as a cadet with him, I had. Moved onto the “homework” portion. Talked briefly over my Army Aviation Accident. Talked 30, 60, 90, 1-year figures and AEL and TT for N, CX, SIM/IMC, MEL and the PRIA type questions. He asked me if I had received the training agreement (feigned ignorance). Talked about that for a while. Then onto the technical. Defined METAR and TAF. Read a METAR and TAF for...

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    Jun 06, 2024
    The interview took 3 hours. Probably 65% of the interview was technical, with topics including filing alternates (part 121) and aircraft systems (hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic). Know what devices turn AC to DC and vice versa. Also, explain how the hydraulic works in an airliner (just know the basics). How does the APU help start the engine? What valve (inlet or outlet) controls the pressurization of the airplane? Read jepp charts (airport diagram, approach, and the difference between the...

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    Jun 06, 2024
    My interviewer was a retired ERJ captain and extremely kind. Spent the first hour talking about ourselves and how we got into aviation. After that, right to the questions, the all centereted are a scenario, which was a flight from Washington to LA. We walk out to the plane, questions asked, (view the study guide of this website).  Read me weather for the flight? We push back, who do we call (North and South Ramp control are different freqs, check the chart). Brief the taxi diagram, what...

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    Jun 05, 2024
    My interview was conducted by a two year FO with a similar background to me. It was a very pleasant conversation that lasted 2.5 hrs. It flew by so don’t be intimidated by the time. We started out with who we are and found common ground with our interests. From there the conversation flowed naturally to “why SkyWest” and where do you see yourself career in five years. We then transitioned into the technical portion of interview.TAF, METAR, 121 mins, will we need an...

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    Jun 04, 2024
    The interview was long 2 1/2 hours. The first hour was just chatting about his background and me telling my story. A lot of the interview was him explaining things in general with 121 airlines, and Skywest specific. We got into the technical part and it was very conversational. All the questions were listed on here and he didn't ask to go into great detail on anything. He did most of the talking and went out of his way to make it a relaxed situation. On the few questions I got stumped...

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    Jun 04, 2024
    My interview was about an hour and 45 minutes long. The interviewer was very relaxed and made it more of a conversation at points then an interview. First, we began with telling each other about ourselves, then went into logbook numbers. Have 30, 60, 90, and 365 day total, along with times such as instrument, night, multi, xc, and PIC readily available. Also be ready to answer if you are planning to use SIM time towards your instrument (if you do, you'll need to get an LOA from your...

  11. The interview reports and study guides were very helpful in my interview process.

    Evan N Jun 10, 2024

    Hired at SkyWest Airlines
    The study guide with questions and answers was exclusively what I studied, and it worked out great. I got the job.

    Preston M Jun 10, 2024

    Hired at SkyWest Airlines