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As mentioned on all previous gouge's, the February 2016 input was what I used to study. Print it out, and use it as a checklist. From there you can branch out and look at other topics and areas to study. But using the Feb/March gouge will put you in a good spot to start. Flew to Denver for the interview. Had 2 captains and 1 HR rep conduct the interviews, on 5 applicants. All very nice guys and very professional. Started of with 45 min presentation of the company itself, the perks, the aircraft, the people. Introductions came next. Then draw out: -Turbofan Engine -Electrical System -91.175 The more detail the better! Take your time and draw a very nice picture on the systems, practice this and label everything. After much practice, I was able to draw the system, label as much things that you can possibly list, and practice verbally going through the system describing what the components are, and their functions.  My angle was to keep talking and talking and to leave no questions asked. And it worked! Depending on who you get, they will just stop you and say "Okay... Continue Reading this Interview Experience