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Read Page 1 ... reviewed my logbook/hours during this portion and we discussed when I would be available to start since I have a contract with my current work for the time being. We also did an informal CRM scenario. There was no timer, and no other people in the room, just a simple discussion about what to do if you have an upset passenger. It was very relaxed and they were mostly looking for you using all your resources and communicating with all the applicable people. Next I went back to the main room and waited while other applicants went. After awhile I was selected to do the technical portion first. It was probably an hour long and we discussed turbine engine theory, high speed aerodynamics, IFR regulations... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Overall fairly easy interview process, they first bring you in for a company history portion, then they broke us up and asked us the standard HR questions and did a couple short scenario questions. After that we had lunch, and did the aviation related portion. I think the whole process took maybe 3 hours. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Interview went the same as everyone else’s experiences. I used the study questions on aviationinterviews and other sources. Good luck in the... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. The interview was just as described. We came in we sat down and introductions where made by us and the recruiters. It was my first time there so they explained a few things to me about the company and benefits. They did the whole presentation and then we had a break and went straight into interviews. I was asked the questions on each of the areas they had blocks for. Aerodynamics, systems, FARs, instrument flying and jepp plates. We spoke about why I was a pilot. My experience and why I... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. I was one the last few to be interviewed in SLC before COVID-19 shut everything down. I got a class date the day after the interview, and then got an email a week later saying that all new hire training is delayed until further notice. Bummer, but I am still excited to work for this awesome company! Based on what I heard at the interview, I think that they will weather the situation okay. I flew in the night before and flew out right after the interview. The email you get before the... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Overall experience was amazing. We were welcomed with open arms by both an ERJ 175 FO and a CRJ Captain. We started with an introductory video about the company and was able to ask questions following the video about their life at SkyWest. Very informative and they gave us great information more about the company and its future. After that we broke up and did the CRM scenario. (view the sim/scenario section of this website).  After that we broke for lunch and went right into the... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Interview started at 0830 in Salt Lake. Myself and three other applicants. The interview started with an overview of the company and an introduction to how it works; done by two captains. I was selected first to do the HR portion with one of the captains. Because I had gone to a Cadet experience the day before they brought me out of the overview of the company prior to it ending to do the HR portion. It was very relaxed. The captain had to do some errands so we walked and talked for part of... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Very straightforward interview, they kept it professional but still laid back. It was myself and 4 others, jumped right into a short presentation, and then broke up for the CRM scenario. Basically just testing to see how we perform in a crew (there’s no solution as they continue coming up with problems). Then we did the HR individually, just basic questions about your background, very simple and laid back. Had lunch, and went for the tech portion. Talked about compressor stalls, swept... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Interviewed in SLC with 2 other applicants. There were only 2 interviewers who were 19-year captains. Started off with introductions around the room followed by the company presentation. Next, came the CRM scenario. Very similar to those listed in the sim/scenario tab, but I feel like we didn't make it as far in the scenario. They didn't care though, just wanted to see us all work together and contact the appropriate agencies. Then, we did the HR portion which consisted of reviewing... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. I had a similar experience to all the positive responses posted here. It was a great experience overall and I am glad I had a chance to interview. I had a great rapport with the two interviewers and they left me with the distinct impression I got the job even though they were not able to give feedback. I received a rejection email the next day which left me confused and disappointed but again the experience was positive and everyone I interacted with was great. I can't say why they didn't... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Couldn't have asked for a better interview experience. It was not only professional, but fair and positive too. Truly it is your job to lose! SkyWest booked my travel to DEN, and the interview started promptly at 0830. Company presentation followed by HR interview, lunch, then the tech portion. Study the docs that they tell you to and the gouge here and you'll do just fine. Make sure you have 91.175 + TO alternates down pat, plus electrical systems and speed limits. High altitude... Continue reading this interview experience

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