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ABX air HQ is a little hard to find. From Airborne Rd. Turn right on old SR 73 then turn right in front of the control tower onto Airport Drive. This road ends at the parking lot. Go into the big shiny building with all the glass windows in the front. The security guard will get you a visitor badge. I met with a CP and two HR people. All were very nice and not adversarial in any way. Plan to spend at least 3-4 hours there.

Tell us about yourself
Most difficult decision you made as a pilot
TMAAT you discovered a safety issue and what did you do about it
How do you stay organized
How do you prevent procrastinating (what are your techniques)
What do you know about ABX
Favorite / Least favorite things about your current job
TMAAT you had to quickly build a rapport with somebody
Have you ever been late to a flight, hotel van, etc?
TMAAT you broke a FAR or company SOP
How would you adjust to our schedules?
What motivates you?
Chief pilot asked me some 121 questions (been 135 for a few... Continue Reading this Interview Experience