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First I would like to say thanks to everyone that posted an interview experience on Cape, it was great insight and good prep.
This was my first interview with an airline so I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to expect but between the presentation given by their recruiter, Cosmin, and the pilots that conducted the interviews they really give off a welcoming, friendly vibe and really make it a pretty informal experience.
After the presentation on the company two other guys interviewing were called in to separate rooms for one on one interviews. About 45 minutes to an hour later,  the other guy interviewing and myself were called in…4 of us total interviewing for the morning session.
First my interviewer welcomed me and described his background and his time at Cape, and then he asked me to tell me about myself, how I got into flying, and my current job. He then asked for my medical, pilot certificate, and logbook of which he thumbed through.This was then followed by some HR questions, most of which are posted on here already, which he asked and took notes on your answers:
Why Cape Air? What about Cape drew your interest?
TMAAT when you witnessed an upset or angry customer arguing with... Continue Reading this Interview Experience