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They require you to pay your own way to get there. The interview is in Coeur d'Alene so if you can jump seat go to Spokane. Rent a car and drive to the interview. First you meet with H.R. Manager. Very nice lady who asks the usual questions. Why do you want to work here, what are your goals, tell a story about how and when you got into flying and continue the story until present job. I have a fair amount of experience and she was suprised that I had interest in them. She kept wanting to know why I would consider going from DC-8 F.O. to captain in the F-27. She was very suspicious about my long term viability there. I was furloughed, and was very straight up with her that I had long term plans about a major but in light of the current airlines situation, I felt captain for a 121 cargo airline is better for me and them than first officer with a fractional or commuter. She seemed pleased with the answer. This job requires a Monday night thru Saturday morning schedule with you home all day at your base. So it requires you to move to domicile if you... Continue Reading this Interview Experience