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Read Page 1 ... questions were simply personality and HR questions. Very friendly and very well done. I was scheduled 3 days later for an interview with the chief pilot. We talked for about an hour. He did not ask any specific flying related questions, but instead asked about my thoughts of flying for Empire. He then explained in better detail what the schedule would look like and what would be expected of me. He told me I would receive a call after he finalized the decision with HR. I called HR the next day to clarify a few discrepancies between the email, HR's response, and the chief pilot's response to scheduling, vacation... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. I sent my app to the email address listed on the website along with a cover letter. Approximately 2 weeks after that I received an email stating I was selected for an interview for the Part 121 Caravan Captain position. I called Empire and talked to the head of HR. She was very nice and set me up for an interview time. We talked about the company and why I would like to be part of a small company such as Empire. She asked some non-detailed questions about flying and my experience.... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. It was a phone interview. I did not have to go to them. Hired as a captain on the ATR. HR asked the questions. Cheif pilot really just told me about the job. Very laid back and actually fun. They are very nice. All the stuff people have written about the question asked are correct, as far as HR goes... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. My interview consisted of a single phone interview with the HR lead. Her questions were the stock type questions HR would ask for hiring for any position. She was not a pilot and only asked one question that was even somewhat related to flying and the point of it wasn't really to gauge aviation knowledge or experience. The interviewer seemed only semi-engaged in the conversation and the feel of it to me was that she was just going through the motions. The HR rep told me that she was... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. What I read previously was very good and accurate. The interview was with the ATR Chief Pilot. very nice guy. the interview was on the basic get to know you stuff and nerve racking experiences that you may have had in the past and how you handled them. IE Icing situations. be persistent. I almost lost my opportunity to interview because of communication problems on my end. The simulator is very pitch sensitive. You have to demonstrate proficiency at NDB approaches. the sim is set up... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. I submitted my application for Empire specifically for the Oahu FO position in the "Ohana" startup.  I received an email about 3 weeks later inviting me to schedule a telephone interview on a first come, first serve basis.  I called back and spoke with Belinda (HR) to schedule the first available interview a few days later.  I studied up on all the questions found in this website and they were spot on: What do I know about Empire, Why do I want to work here, describe... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. The phone interview lasted about 50 minutes which was with the  CP and HR. The usual questions for a phone interview these days. Why Empire? What makes a good captain? What would your FO's say about you? Some TMAAT questions.    I was invited to  the computer based sim and written test. Pretty easy questions, decode a metar and pirep, lost com, compass locator service volume, approach lights , TFR, CO, hypoxia and hyperventilation... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. I started the process by watching the hiring page on the website every day. After 3-4 months, they began accepting resumes. I submitted my resume and cover letter that day. I didn’t hear from them for about 2 months. Then I received a phone call from Belinda asking me when we could schedule a phone interview. We scheduled it for a week later. The phone call was right on time. It started with Belinda talking a little bit about the company, the position, and the bases they were... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. I was called on a Tuesday to set up a phone interview on a Saturday. Belinda Jones (HR Director) called with Steve Martini (CP) also on the line. She started out with an odd question about where they might have dinner that night in Coeur D\'Alene. This was designed to see how I think on my feet. Belinda continued to ask questions about me and my experience, kind of \"get to know you\" questions. Steve Martini then came on the line and asked more about my flying experience, but no... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. I had kinda the same experiance. I submitted my resume about 3 weeks before I got the pre-interview call. During that time I heard some things about the company. Specifically about their treatment of their pilots. So I too declined to come out for the face to face interview, which by the way comes out of your wallet. Also, my two roomates called the Pilot Recruitment lady and had her take their resumes off file. Buyer beware I... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. The previous info was pretty much accurate. It starts with a phone interview. You pay your entire way to their offices in Hayden Id which is pretty far off the beaten path. So leave early. I met with the CP and HR person who both seemed nice. I was suprised with the rather aggresive, expensive long mandatory training contracts. If you upgrade your FO and PIC contracts run concurrently so you may be there for years. After a tour of the office and hanger I took some tech tests and a sim... Continue reading this interview experience

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