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Read Page 1 ... questions were simply personality and HR questions. Very friendly and very well done. I was scheduled 3 days later for an interview with the chief pilot. We talked for about an hour. He did not ask any specific flying related questions, but instead asked about my thoughts of flying for Empire. He then explained in better detail what the schedule would look like and what would be expected of me. He told me I would receive a call after he finalized the decision with HR. I called HR the next day to clarify a few discrepancies between the email, HR's response, and the chief pilot's response to scheduling, vacation... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 07, 2023 The process takes place over 3 interviews. An initial phone screen, HR, and technical with HR + Chief Pilot. The HR portion was very straight forward. Have examples of how you've been a team player ready. For the technical interview, it was very laid back. We went over a good number of HR questions that were concerned with CRM and Situational Awareness. Have stories ready for these. They asked me to brief a FAA approach and answer questions about it. They also asked what hazardous attitude I... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Aug 07, 2023 3 step interview process. First call was a phone screen from an HR person, lasted about 10 minutes and was used to schedule the next interview and to get to know you a little bit. Second part was a call from HR with an interview that lasted about an hour. Lots of what "would you do in this scenario" and "tell me about a time when" type questions. They are very nice and fun to talk to. The 3rd step was an online face to face interview with the HR person and the chief pilot... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 15, 2023 Interview was friendly with HR and Chief Pilot. The gouge on here is pretty basic, so study it and know it a little more in depth (like "what is needed to go below mins on approach"). Everything was here except one question, (view the study guide of this website). Other than that great... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 06, 2023 This was from the technical interview (3rd) Questions asked, Only wanted the answer from the regs.  Had me brief an approach plate Asked what I would do if I saw a coworker not using checklists. He showed me a hold on a low enroute chart and asked me what hold entry I would do, I didn't notice the turns were left-hand turns with an outbound course. This was the only thing I didn't answer right at first. Just look carefully. He asked me what a note on an approach plate meant. It said... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Mar 28, 2023 The recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training process at Empire Airlines has been very smooth. Very few surprises along the way. Everything has been very much "as advertised." I just started flying the line, and I'm very pleased with the company. HR called me the same day I applied. Expect: (1) 30-min informal HR phone screening; (2) Semi-formal HR phone interview (45-min); and (3) Final TEAMS/ZOOM interview with HR and Chief Pilot (1-hour). First 2 interviews come with... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Mar 27, 2023 Three stage interview process, all of which was very relaxed and easy-going. The first phase was a basic phone screen, followed by a formal HR interview and then a Chief Pilot interview. All three had some "TMAAT" questions, with the HR interview most heavily focused on this area. Chief Pilot interview included some regulations, IFR and procedure topics but no systems or aircraft-specific questions. If you're IFR current/proficient and know your regs you'll be totally fine.... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Mar 22, 2023 Whole process started with receiving a phone call from a recruiter just wanting to talk about the position and schedule a time for a phone interview. Phone interview was very straight forward, mostly talked about simple TMAAT questions and what would you do if… etc. Just be honest. We then set up a time to conduct an interview over Microsoft teams with a chief pilot. Again, very laid back, Chief pilot asked a few technical questions but really just basic IFR stuff. Had me brief an... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jan 31, 2023 I received a call two weeks ago on a Friday from the recruiter asking to talk. We talked for about 20-30 minutes. He asked about my flying history and background, some basic HR questions and asked if we could set up a more in depth phone interview for the following Monday. Monday we talked for about 45 minutes. Topics covered were TMAAT, some interpersonal scenarios, aviation goals, more specifics about the location I applied to and all the other normal questions you would get asked by a... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jan 16, 2023 I had an excellent experience with the Empire hiring process, all thanks to Doug the recruiter. I initially got a call the Friday before my interview from Doug asking me about the resume I sent in. We spent a solid 30 minutes chewing the fat and getting to know each other. It was very mellow, and it was almost like getting a beer with a buddy who likes to talk about flying. We then scheduled an interview for the following Monday. That interview consisted of talking about my aviation... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Relaxed interview. A few STAR questions (TMAAT format). Then we went over an approach plate. There were a few 135 type questions. When can you proceed below minimums, etc. All in all, a very brief interview. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a lot of instrument time, the questions aren’t that hard, and if you don’t know, tell... Continue reading this interview experience

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    It was extremely helpful to not only get a very accurate list of the type of questions being asked in the interviews, but also to gauge how each applicant's experience went. It helps to know what to expect before walking into the interview. And it sure is important to pay it forward and share one's experience.