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I interviewed for an instructor position with FlightSafety Academy. As there are no other gouges for this particular company, I will try to provide as much useful info as possible. The entire process was very non-threatening. The interview is an all-day deal, typical of most airline interviews. I arrived at the Academy's admin office ~20min early for a 0830 show time. There were five of us in the group (I was the last one to arrive - a good sign that all of us were taking it pretty seriously), consisting of two rated CFI's, two newly-minted commercial multis (myself, and recent grad of FlightSafety), and one just back from flying 208's in Alaska. While we waited in the reception area, we chatted among ourselves and the very sweet lady at the reception desk. Just after 0830, we were greeted by Alice, the program recruiter with whom we had all coordinated over the phone prior to the interview. Alice is exceedingly sweet and very professional, and makes the entire application process completely painless. Alice gave us a short tour of the admin center and introduced us to several team members, then took us to a cozy waiting area, where we waited to be called in for individual HR/Tech interviews. The One-on-ones were done by Alice, and Mr. Alan Haaland, the Director of Standards. Typical interview questions ensued (a few TMAAT questions,    Speaking of, the tech interview is fairly simple.  Everyone in my group got the ground effect question, and all of us stumbled a little. Sure, it's an easy enough concept to understand, but definitely NOT the easiest to explain, if you aren't already a CFI. Another friendly tip: Mr. Haaland goes through the entire interview with a certain practiced intensity. It can be fairly intimidating, but don't get... Continue Reading this Interview Experience