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Read Page 1 ... what happens on take off and landing. Also some of the same question that where offered from other individuals interviews such as the landing and take off questions. (see others interviews) After you are done with this on to the presentation of your assigned maneuver. All the individuals at this point are in the room when you present your maneuver. Be prepared and know your stuff and don't say anything you can't explain. They will question you if... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. I had a friend walk in my resume along with an internal referral; once he had done so I was told to apply online. I had three phone calls and one "official" phone interview within the first week. From that point I didn't hear anything for 4 months (not sure if that's normal or not). I followed up with an email and within two days received a phone call to interview in person, as well as, give a 10-15 minute presentation. Everything was straight forward and what one could expect... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. First we where taken into a room to take a 100 Question test on Weather, IFR, CRM, and Regulations. (25 in each category) You need to score 80% or higher to continue with the interview process. (I reviewed the ACS Commercial test prep questions before hand) After Completion of the test we where taken (individually) into a room with the HR and a senior Flight Instructor and asked some basic questions. Ex. How does a plane react in ground effect what happens on take off and landing. Also... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Interviewed for simulator instructor at ILG facility. First day was getting to know FlightSafety. Second day was them getting to know you. First day I sat in on a few hours of a GV initial ground class. Was able to ask the instructor a few questions about the job during breaks. After that, one of the program managers took me out to lunch. Was able to ask questions about the position and working at FlightSafety and about the ILG center. Everyone was very open about pay, quality of life and... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. 3 part interview. First part was a written test with questions from the FAA private and commercial written exams.  Second part is an interview with chief instructor and HR. Asked about what actions you would tell a student to take if you are too high and too fast on approach. Asked to describe ground effect. Asked how coworkers describe you. Third part was teaching a lesson on a maneuver sent to you in advance, like steep turns, turns across a road, or stalls. You are provided a... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Housing is provided prior to the interview. On the morning of the interview, applicants report to the admin. building and take a written test. 125 Questions: Regulations, Weather, Instrument, FOI, ADM. There was then a break until noon, to allow other candidates time to finish the written. At the appointed time, Applicants will conduct HR/Technical interview with an HR representative, and a senior member of the flight team. Prepare for standard interview questions for the HR piece. The... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Arrival/Wait for other interviewees. Meet and greet with interview staff and higher ups. Quick introduction and itinerary for the day. First up was the written exam. Broken up into 5 categories. ADM, Instrument, Weather, FOI, and FARs; questions straight from commercial written exam. After the interview day was over I was told I did fairly well on the written except for one section. They just said I'll have to place special emphasis on this during my training. Next was the personal... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. The interview started with written test. 4 sections FAR, ADM, Weather and Instrument. The FAR and Weather is exactly the one in sheppard air commercial study prep. I was lucky I just got my commercial 2 months ago so I still had the study prep on my ipad. You will score 100% in these two sections if you study the 170 questions in FAR and 190 questions in weather in sheppard air commercial prep. The ADM is majorly one section in the commercial prep called 'procedures'. It's the section that... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. I interviewed for an instructor position with FlightSafety Academy. As there are no other gouges for this particular company, I will try to provide as much useful info as possible. The entire process was very non-threatening. The interview is an all-day deal, typical of most airline interviews. I arrived at the Academy's admin office ~20min early for a 0830 show time. There were five of us in the group (I was the last one to arrive - a good sign that all of us were taking it pretty... Continue reading this interview experience