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Take the earlier shuttle from the hotel (I took the 7:15 bus), so you can go on the tour... it is worth it. Dress professionally...with suit and tie. Come prepared to present your log book, resume etc. It is the first impression you make in person, make it count! We (all 9) waited in an office and were called out to the different parts of the interview individually. Some started with HR, some with Chef Pilot and I started with the Tech Interview. The guy who did my TI was super nice, he explained everything he wanted from me and then left the room for about 5 minutes. So here is the deal. you are asked to prepare and explain how you would plan a flight from point A to point B. We all got different routes. Mine was from Kodiak to Homer. You have charts, ODP s, STAR s, metar, notam, etc, everything you need to work your way to a solution on how you are getting... Continue Reading this Interview Experience