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FREE Spirit Airlines pilot interview information and gouge

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For the phone interview:
1. Why Spirit?
2. Tell me about your current job
3. Tell me about your military experience
Face-to-face interview:
1. Why Spirit?
2. What if UAL/DAL/etc call
3. Where else have you applied? (I applied everywhere and told them that I had)
4. What if Spirit growth stagnates, will you be able to handle sitting right seat for 20 years?
5. Do you have any questions for us?
Other questions were tailored to my resume and were about differences in military and civilian flying. Integrity, CRM, safety, decision making skills. Other interviewers had questions tailored specific to their resumes and logbooks (diverts, right seat only experience).  I had an open ended question/story opportunity as my last question.  This... Continue Reading this Interview Experience