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I am in the rare group that neither went to a job fair nor knew anybody there. There were at least 3 of us at the interview that fall into that group. I still believe your chances are improved by one of those routes. I submitted the short app somewhere around 27 Aug. I received and submitted the long app on 7 Sept. I was called for the phone interview on 10 Sept, but missed the call and did the interview the next day.  I received the cog test (no psych test anymore) on the 11th and took the test on the 14th (I got to around 106). During the phone interview I told Spirit that I was out of the country and would be so until the 20 Oct. I was called and offered the interview on 15 Oct. The interview was 25 Oct (Friday) and the offer came on Monday the 28th. My class is 17... Continue Reading this Interview Experience