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As of this writing, the interview process is a 3 part process. 2 phone screenings and an in-person interview. Initially, you will be contacted by email to give your availability for a phone screen with a current line pilot. It’s like being on-call! The first phone screen is really a conversation about yourself.   From what I learned at the in-person interview, many candidates are weeded out during the first phone screen, as in 50 to 60% weeded out. So first impression is important.  A good portion of the interview will be going over your resume. I talked about how I got into aviation, where I learned to fly, college and all of my jobs including my current job. Some customer service questions will be thrown in as well.  You should plan on at least 1 hour. Mine was 1 hour 15 minutes. Assuming you pass the first phone screen, you will get another email to give your availability for a Technical Interview via Facetime or Skype. Same deal, you’re basically on-call during the dates & times you specified. The pilot may email you ahead of time to let you know when to expect a call. Remember, you’ll be on video so look sharp and clean up the room you plan to be sitting in. Also, if you have... Continue Reading this Interview Experience