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Interview started promptly at 08:00 as I was met at the front desk and taken into an office area where I handed over my logbooks and identification, licenses, medical, etc., After about a seven minute wait they led me to meeting room with two other people present. They were the chief pilot and two experienced HR specialists. After exchanging names the process began with tell me about your flying career and how it matches up to your resume. That was an opportunity to explain a summary of each former pilot position held and the positive experiences I gained from each. This took about twelve to fifteen minutes after which the three professionals took turns asking... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Aug 06, 2021 There was about an hour long presentation about what ABX offers and what their business model is, along with a description of Pilot pay, benefits, and additional earning opportunities. After that we went to the sim.  (view the Sim/Scenario section of this website).  The written test is different questions for everyone, and the questions come from across the spectrum of aviation knowledge. That being said, they weren’t “in the weeds”, just overall concept... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Aug 05, 2021 Great interview experience, they were very welcoming and putting you at ease. Brought everyone in and discussed the company then broke off for sim evals and an interview with the hiring panel. Study everything from this site and study ABX's history and culture. Offered a position after the... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Aug 05, 2021 The interview went exactly as stated here on the interview prep questions. It was very easy going, we showed up at 7AM and had a group meeting about the pros of working for ABX. They used that time as a get to know you as well and all the applicants shared a little about themselves. After that we were given a written test that consisted of simple questions and some small calculations of fuel usage and time en-route using a 121 flight release. After the written test we did a sim eval (view... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jul 23, 2021 Chief Pilot and HR were present.Interview was online.  HR questions Why Abx, Work situations Bad Captain CP Airplane I flew way before,emergency and fuel balance. Straight forward and they explained process. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Jul 22, 2021 Gouge is accurate and like a couple others, I had the the question about walking them through a Localizer approach. HR, Chief Pilot, Flight Standards, and one or two others on the video interview. They were all very nice to speak with and the interview was very relaxed. They did mention pilots are starting to retire, so upgrade times are moving to the 5-6 year range. Expect to be reserve for 2-3 years, but this could change as well. Study the info on this site and it will help make the... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. May 13, 2021 Interview was on Microsoft Teams, there's a morning and and an afternoon session you can get. I was met by the HR representative who was really nice and thorough-she did a great job. In the background, I noticed two people watching, one of which I talked to later who was some form of chief pilot or supervisor. HR portion was split, she went through information about the company first and asked me to introduce myself and my resume. She said they anticipate a lot of retirements soon since it's... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. May 11, 2021 The interview was straightforward and lasted about 1.5 hours. All paperwork was completed before the interview date and was requested to be sent to HR at least one day before the scheduled time of the interview. The paperwork packet has a list of required documentation they want and how it should be filled out. I also sent in a cover letter and two letters of recommendation. The interview was like how the others have described it: online through Microsoft Teams. I met with HR, the Cheif... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. May 06, 2021 The information about the interview in this website was very accurate and helpful. Study from here and you will have no problems. The interview was very relax and straight foward. After the interview I did not hear back from them until after almost 2 months, so no new is good... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. May 05, 2021 The info with the experience and questions on here is very accurate. I had the HR lady and the director of training through Microsoft Teams. The interview was 70 min. They have you fill out all of the paperwork before the interview. Copy's of your license and PRIA etc. It would be nice to fill that out after being offered but they want it this way. You have to show your Id and items in the camera before the interview starts. Be sure to have the paperwork packet before the interview as the... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Apr 30, 2021 Interview was exactly as described here. Microsoft Teams interview. Three individuals on the call. Typical HR questions to start followed by a few technical questions. Study the gouge and you'll be fine. Super friendly group of people. Felt very comfortable and... Continue reading this interview experience

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