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The interview process was like what everyone has said in previous write ups. Everyone there was very friendly and were rooting for you to succeed. The first day involved drug testing, cog, psych and job knowledge tests. I felt that the first two tests weren't too bad but the job knowledge test was a beast. Everyone walked out feeling as though they had failed. I did a lot of study preparing for the test and I felt as though most of what I studied wasn't on the test. However, apparently I prepped well enough as I got invited back for day two of the interview. I was in the morning go and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jun 22, 2022 As advertised by other applicants. The actual interview process is highly confidential to protect its integrity. Everyone was incredibly nice and you can tell they want to hire you. The HR panel is standard. The SBI is very dynamic and they will make their expectations crystal clear in the briefing. Be professional, humble, and polite and you’ll be successful. They may not appear quite as strict in terms of paperwork prep as other airlines (Air Lines), but PLEASE do yourself a favor... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. May 12, 2022 As advertised. People want to see you succeed. One day in MEM consisted of SBI, panel, fingerprints, and drug... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Mar 24, 2022 The most laid back and friendly interview, SBI was no joke but the company wants to hire you if you are there in person. There were new questions, and TMAAT questions were not present. Just wanted to get to know you. SBI was as previously described, be ready to utilize CRM and make a... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Oct 27, 2021 Two day process day one (COG-Personality test-JKT) ......that afternoon you get a call to welcome you back for day two or not. Day two SBI and Panel interview done with two pilots. Advice don't sleep on the HR... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 15, 2021 My experience was just as every other gouge has said….they want you to get the job and make you feel welcome. If you study and prepare the job is yours. I prepared for about a month prior to my... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Sep 08, 2021 Read past reviews. Bottom line at the SBI is to make a decision and brief the crew (they'll tell you as much in the pre-SBI briefing) so if you do those things and then debrief any things you would change, you'll be fine. The HR portion is very laid-back and consists of your standard HR type... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. 2-day interview process. 1st day is testing: drug, cognition (eye/hand coord), math problems, aviation knowledge, personality test (Myers-Briggs). It takes about 4 hours either morning session or afternoon session. Prepare for all these tests. If you pass they will call you later that day and tell you to come back for the second day. 2nd day is about 4 hours as well and it consists of the HR interview (2 pilots asking you TMAAT questions) and an SBI (Situation Based Interview) test that... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Awesome interview experience. Everyone there is rooting for you to get hired. 3 did not make it to day 2. Not sure how many didn’t get hired. The interview process is very close hold but day 1 is testing and day 2 is SBI, fingerprints and the panel. The panel will not let you get away with your scripted answers, be prepared to have a conversation. Great experience all in... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Great experience and everyone makes you feel comfortable. If you’re at the interview, they already want to hire you and they make that clear. Just relax and be yourself. Start preparing for Day 1 before you get an interview invite. Study and the knowledge test will be a breeze. Very similar questions. First you take the cog test, then the personality test and then the knowledge. I don’t recommend subscribing to lumosity to prepare, really not helpful, but others have some... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. They are a great group of people. They talk to you like you're already hired from the moment you walk in the door. Of course you're being interviewed from the time you show up at your hotel but that's true everywhere. The testing is as advertised on Day 1. The JKT is a beast but nearly everyone makes it through. I had several questions that I was totally unsure how to answer correctly because multiple answers made perfect sense. So I went searching for more information but was unable to find... Continue reading this interview experience

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