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F9 Cadet Program   (view the study guide... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 19, 2023 I interviewed for the cadet program in Denver on-site and everything on this page was very accurate. I would also look at the standard first officer questions since they ask some of those. In the morning, there were 9 direct FO interviewed and they got done around 2. In my group, there were 9 cadets and all but 1 got an offer. We started at 1 and got done at 6, but the drug test guy left, so we have to go do later near where we live. Cadet start dates are 5 to 6 months out, but direct FO... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Sep 18, 2023 Very relaxed experience. In total, the interview was about 20 minutes. It began with HR questions (4) which were all found in the study guide. Technical consisted of 91.175/requirements to descend below DA, type of plane you fly, the engine associated with it, stall speeds, how the stall speeds can change, and the equation to determine how much your stall speed would change based off the load factor you’re incurring. Very straight-forward and every question on the interview was found... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Sep 18, 2023 Interview started on time and I was greeted by HR rep and captain. They explained the format of the interview which included an HR and Technical subject portion. I was asked HR questions,, (view the study guide of this website).  The technical questions included 91.175, density altitude scenario, engine fire scenario, I fly Cessna so the captain wanted me to explain the engine. Overall it felt more like conversation, just come prepared. The interview ended with have you had any... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Sep 14, 2023 The interview experience paralleled what others have previously recounted. It was exceptionally straightforward, and the atmosphere was inviting and comforting. To commence, they inquired about the motivations behind my pursuit of a career in aviation. Subsequently, they delved into inquiries regarding my affinity for Frontier Airlines, dissecting the significance of their motto and its personal resonance. I was also probed about instances in which I had scared myself in the aircraft.... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 14, 2023 Very straightforward interview, mainly HR focused and technical questions I was asked are 1. Stall Recovery 2. Alternate 1-2-3 rule 3. 91.175. I had a pilot deviation before and I disclosed it along with what I have learned from the mistakes, so be honest and be able to explain if you ever have one. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Sep 08, 2023 I applied for this role in about a year ago, conducted the web based recorded questions, and was invited to a virtual Teams interview in August 2023. The interview was very pleasant, and was conducted by an HR representative and a Line Check Airman. The interview began a few minutes early and I was briefed on the format of the interview - 6 parts: 5 HR, competency based sections and 1 technical section. All questions were covered from the study guide on this page. The HR portion focused on... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Sep 05, 2023 I waited maybe 3 months to get an actual teams interview. Interview was pretty brief, in total it was about 25 minutes. A captain asked me the technical stuff first, he started with having me describe a Cessna engine. Then he had me list 91.175 and if we can continue an approach if it is reported below minimums. He asked me when we would start descending in a jet based on speed and altitude, that one got me since I didn't really remember the rule of thumb. The captain left right after and... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Aug 21, 2023 Interviewed for the cadet program. Super fast and straight forward. Took about 30 minutes and was all HR questions per the gauge then 3 technicals that were very simple. Overall good experience, not stressful and very professional. They are really just making sure you are someone they could sit next to on a 4 day trip and have at least a basic understanding of the aviation... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Aug 21, 2023 Application process consists of a personality test and a logic assessment. 3 weeks to hear back for 1st interview. 1st interview is a recorded interview which is 5 questions long. There is a prompt and you have one minute to video record your answer. There is not an option to rerecord your answer. About 10 days to hear back for 2nd interview. 2nd interview was Microsoft Teams (like Zoom). I live out of state. If you're in CO you may go to their facility. The interviewers were friendly.... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Aug 21, 2023 I applied several months ago, and completed the video interview. I was offered a Teams interview recently after I talked to a recruiter at a Frontier booth, they took my resume and 2 days later I received a link to sign up for a Team interview. I am currently working on my Commercial certificate. During my Teams interview, they asked me to talk about the engine of the aircraft I fly, then they asked me about which type of icing I'm most likely to encounter in my location. Then they asked me... Continue reading this interview experience

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