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  • Flew in to CLT picked up the rental car the company booked for me. Drove to their office in Denver, NC. Admin checked my paperwork as soon as I arrived. After, HR representative then put on a power point presentation about the company. They then separated the applicants and...

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    May 14, 2024
    Started on time. Had Hillary and the Chief pilot. Hilary questions were tell me about your resume background and experience. Check ride failures training failures. TMAAT. Next was the Chief Pilot so know your airplane sys - all of them. I was asked about multiple sys like electrical hydraulic anti skid Max ITT for start and emergency items like engine fire in flight what’s a MSA MEL ILS range just because you don’t see it and n here doesn’t mean they won’t ask so know...

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    May 13, 2024
    Interview was an hour long. With Hilary from HR who I had met before at an event, and the Chief Pilot Pete. It was very relaxed and friendly, we chatted quite a bit and they answered about as many questions as they asked me. HR asked about my intro how I got into aviation. Asked about checkride failures and that standard stuff. And only one TMAAT about delivering exceptional customer service. That’s it for HR. Chief Pilot asked what makes a great Captain, and asked about my strengths...

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    May 09, 2024
    Started on time, went over some HR questions with really nice lady Hillary, then went into technical questions lastly some IFR. Know your current flying...

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    May 07, 2024
    My hour long scheduled interview turned into just over 3.5, had a great conversation with Chief. Interview is identical to shown here- HR first for 20 mins and the rest with Chief. know formula for Hydroplaning, and VDP, and 60:1 rule. IFR regs including 91.175, 185 and 213 were reviewed with me. review your current aircraft. Electrical and Powerplant. Chief mentioned "If I've gone over with you, its typically a good thing". I had a contact which helped. they only take a couple for...

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    Apr 23, 2024
    I interviewed for the Part 121 'Floater Pilot' on the ATR turboprop. I had a virtual interview with Hilary, (Director of Recruiting and Outreach) and Pete (MAC Chief Pilot). I dressed in a suit and my interviewers thanked me for making an effort with my appearance. First, I was asked to introduce myself so I took about 5 minutes to go through my educational and employment background, my flying experience, my volunteer service and what I like to do in my spare time. Hilary asked me basic HR...

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    Apr 18, 2024
    Interview was with HR and the chief pilot. Very straightforward. HR and technical questions in this study guide are very...

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    Feb 15, 2024
    Straight forward interview and no questions were asked what isn’t covered on this site, Interview was done via video conferencing. Make sure and verify the correct time...

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    Feb 01, 2024
    I interviewed for the C-408 position. I did a zoom interview with the chief pilot. He was a very nice guy! We talked about my employment history, checkride failures and technical questions. I was impressed that MAC actually reads your cover letter. I always send a cover letter and put in the effort. I would recommend submitting one. The technical questions I was asked were very limited due to time constraints. Then we went into talking about the systems in the last aircraft that I’ve...

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    Nov 06, 2023
    Basic questions on plates and approaches. They said ceiling is at 500 feet on takeoff, you loose coms what are you going to do. And the coms came back for the approach but I lost coms as I was going missed and they wanted to know what I would do. I said I would shoot the published missed, proceed to the hold FAT they wanted to know which entry I would use was it standard or non standard turns in the hold and time it 1 minute then if I would hold and if I had an Efc time I would shoot another...

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    Jul 10, 2023
    The human resources portion pretty much matches what all you see on the site. Strengths and weaknesses, how you solve problems and conflicts. What makes a good captain. You will need to know IFR regs. A couple specifics were what is VDP? What does TEC mean? What to do if see approach lights but not runway at mins. The technical portion had follow up to the human resources questions. They asked the open ended question of tell us about yourself. Talked about hobbies and family. They...

  11. I got valuable information for the interview.

    Simon R Jun 10, 2024

    Hired at Mountain Air Cargo
    The trip reports were useful.

    Trevor W Jun 10, 2024